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In this wiki key information related to the people, organizations and locations the players have interacted with can be found.


A Pantheon is a group or family of gods from a common culture; they serve as the main factions in Scion. The one common factor between the Pantheons is their desire to keep the world and humanity from falling into the hands of their immortal enemies, the Titans.

Aesir Pantheons of the Norse culture
Annuna Pantheons of Mesopotamian culture
Atlantean Pantheons of Atlantis
Atzlanti Pantheons of the Aztec culture
Amatsukami Pantheons of the Japanese culture
Celestial Bureaucracy Pantheons of the Chinese culture
Devas Pantheons of the Indian culture
Dodekatheon Pantheons of the Greek culture
Loa Pantheons of Voodoo
Pesedjet Pantheons of the Egyptian culture
Tuatha Pantheons of the Irish culture
Yazata Pantheons of the Persian culture


These are the key connections to people and organizations the PC’s have amassed in their adventures. These notes will also include relevant facts about each that the players have unearthed.

The Central Intelligence Agency
The Wall Joint Special Operations Unit (NATO Military)
Lloyd’s of London Insurance House (International Private Organization)
New York City Police Department Precinct 13 (Local Law Enforcement)
The Archdiocese of New York (The Church)
HCLI Shipping Magnate (Private Corporation)


These are the key locations that play a regular and routine part of the player group’s campaign. Players regularly return to, live out of, or seek aid from these locations.

The City University of New York
The Moonlight Sonata Coffee House
The New York Presbyterian Hospital
The Wall’s New York Safe House
The Wonderland Hedonist Party Palace


A Birthright is a special gift granted to a Scion by a god, usually their own divine parent. The idea of the Birthright is to allow the Scion to raise themselves into Legend by performing daring feats and tasks impossible for ordinary mortals. A Scion must use, at least in the beginning, a birthright to access the godly powers called Purviews. Below are links to birthrights created by players for use in our games.



The Scions have encountered numerous oddities throughout their journeys such as: terrifying creatures, books with the collected knowledge of the universe, and insect religions. These are some of those things.

Church of Roachology
The Gem of Alu
Lexicanum Terribilis

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