What is Scion Legacy

Welcome to Scion: Legacy

Scion: Legacy is a RPG campaign using the Scion Hero and Scion Demigod game books from Onyx Path Publishing.

The campaign revolves around a group of Scions based in New York City who have become embroiled in a fight they do not fully comprehend. Ancient Magic believed dead is returning to the mortal world and the Gods, Titans, Eldritch Horrors and humans all seek to control it.

Can the players bring balance to the world, pay their bills and keep the CIA off their backs? Time will tell …


This wiki is the ongoing journal of our adventures in godhood, and should be updated after each game session by the gaming group with new and important information documenting their journey.

Here players can find: session summaries, locations visited, NPCs, character sheets and much more.

What is Scion Legacy

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