The Wonderland Hedonist Party Palace

Where hedonism, eccentricities, hidden desires, human nature and super powers are the name of the game here…

As technology grows and humans become more and more distant from each other, real emotions are becoming a commodity. Social interactions have devolved into a mere button press and self worth is determined by the number of Facebook friends one has rather than the people standing beside them.

Nothing is real, people are jaded and the future is grim.

In this growing world or narcissism, there is only one place where a person can truly feel again, and open themselves fully to their desires.

That place is Wonderland

Or so the owner operator Peter “Grell” Surtcliffe believes.

The wonderland Hedonist Party Palace is an underground club where anyone with the means, power, connections, luck and hope are invited to join and partake in ANY one desire.

The how or why a person is picked for membership is known only to its changeling master. Each member has very little in common with the next person save for their insatiable desire, fetish or taboo festering at the core of the prospective member’s being.

Even the cost of admission is unknown. Some must pay millions, while others pay nothing.

Once a week members meet at the club. The evening always begins with a ceremony where Grell selects one member to have their deepest, darkest desire met on stage for all to see and laying bare the person’s soul. No matter how mundane or horrific, the person’s desire will be met. Some people return to their lives better adapted and emotionally sound after the ceremony while others are completely destroyed by their deeds.

When done, the party turns into a vice den where anything and everything can happen.

How this club was created, its ultimate purpose, and how it manages to remain a closely guarded secret to all but the initiated is unclear.

The Wonderland Hedonist Party Palace

Scion: Legacy OrneryAmerican