The Wall Joint Special Operations Unit (NATO Military)

When your up against a wall, we’ve got your back


The Wall is an international anti-crime unit led by the United States Department of Defense’s, Defense Intelligence Agency, under its Defense Clandestine Service. The unit specializes in counter terrorism operations and has deployed on missions around the world under the purview of all the NATO member countries.

The Wall was folded into the CIA’s human intelligence operations after a 2012 intelligence analysis that showed a greater need to bolster espionage and anti-terrorist activities at home and abroad.

Composed of international team members the unit is geared towards “national intelligence” moving away from the more traditional DIA activities of providing intelligence to troops and commanders in war zones. Now the team helps in the gathering and distributing of information on global issues and sharing that intelligence with other agencies.

The unit’s operations are based on the Defense Counterintelligence and Human Intelligence Center’s Joint Protection Enterprise Network Database, a database of “suspicious incidents” in the United States and its allies. The JPEN provides near real time sharing of raw non-validated information among DoD organizations and installations.

The Wall is considered the premier DCS team in operating on actual intelligence.

Their most recent mission in New York hunting down the Terrorist Siam and her associates lead the team into a fight with the supernatural and realization that gods do exist. The player character’s work in helping the Wall fight the PMC Daedala and killing of the Iranian business mogul, Firouz Naderi, funding it has lead to a partnership between the two.

The Wall Joint Special Operations Unit (NATO Military)

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