The Gem of Alu

The Gem of Alû is an ancient jeweled necklace which was once in the possession of King Gilgamesh, the King of Kings of ancient Babylon.

The exact origins of the necklace, or how it came to be in the possession of Gilgamesh is unknown, but the nature of the Gem gives some hint to its history.

The gem is a soul prison designed to contain the essence of demons at the monster’s death. By entrapping the demon’s soul in the gem, the demon will be unable to reincarnate in the underworld thus preventing the Demon from returning to the mortal world.

How them gem works is unknown. No invocation is necessary to trigger the gem into action and the magic used in its creation is beyond all modern understanding of mage craft making it a likely relic of the Age of Gods.

The gem gets its name from the demon whose soul is locked inside it, Alû. Alû is an Utukku. The Utukku were a type of spirit in Sumerian religion that had escaped the underworld, either by their own power or by being summoned forth by a priest. Alû escaped on his own and sowed disorder throughout the lands until Gilgamesh slew him and trapped his soul in the gem preventing Alû’s reincarnation in the underworld.

Or so it was believed, in actuality a portion of Alû’s soul remained free of the gem’s prison. Not enough to reincarnate Alû, but enough to allow him some measure of power. This allowed Alû to travel the Earth as a super human, and to seek out the rest of his soul still trapped within the gem.

For most of history the gem was considered lost. It reappeared a few years at a time throughout history as a novelty or trinket of the powerful, but the truth of the gem’s real purpose remained unknown.

One of these reappearances coincided with the last years of the Ottoman Empire. The gem had made its way into the treasures of Sultan Abdul Hamid II. Alû, now going by the name Firouz Naderi in his human form, came the closest to acquiring the gem during this time, but failed to retrieve it by the time the Empire collapsed following the Armenian Genocide.

The Gem of Alû would again appear in 2010, this time at auction in New York City. Naderi was better prepared this time and attempted to purchase the gem legitimately, but was stopped by a band of Scions who had been warned by the Gods about the true nature of Naderi. Naderi was killed and it is believed he was killed before he could set his soul free.

The most recent owner of the gem is the U.S. Government’s Central Intelligence Agency, who took ownership of the gem after it was captured by The Wall Joint Special Operations Unit.

The Gem of Alu

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