The Archdiocese of New York (The Church)

“People cannot change the past. All we can do, is accept our own actions. If you still wish to be burdened by your sins, let it show in your future actions. It is your choice how to perceive something that has already happened.”


The Archdiocese represents the wide variety of people, cultures, and ministries that makes up the Catholic Church and its activities in the city of New York. It’s is both compassionate and dispassionate to the people under its purview, a common trait to all organizations of its size regardless of its religious affiliation. On the surface, its mission is to praise and sing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but unknown to its worshipers is the darker side of the church, its enforcers.

The Assembly of the Eighth Sacrament:

A special agency made up of a group of special clerics charged with the research, recovery, and managing of holy relics scattered across the globe. The items called holy relics include the remains and blood of saints, the nails that crucified Christ, the holy cross, the thirty silver coins of Judas, and other items with the holy attribute. The members follow the “Eighth Sacrament” outside of the Sacraments of the Catholic Church, the seven graces that God bestows in the Catholic faith: Baptism, Holy Eucharist, Matrimony, Holy Orders, Confirmation, Penance, Anointing. It is a “Grace that doesn’t Exist” in the rightful faith or a “power separated from the faith”, meaning the members trained to retrieve the hidden relics do not fear being involved in heretical power such as magic to accomplish their goals. It is the lowest of the special agencies.

A small but effective office of 12 individuals works out of the Calvary and Allied Cemeteries Office, which handles all cemeteries and catacombs of faith in the New York area.

CURRENT SITUATION: As of now players have no connection with this organization but that is likely just a matter of time due to their activities with Lloyd’s of London

The Burial Agency:

The Burial Agency is a group of special Executors gathered by the Church, known as the most professional inquisitors. They are not meant to be exorcists, but simply those who kill demons. The organization operates and scouts entirely on ability. Anyone can become a member if they have the power and the will to destroy heretics and whatever else the Church finds “inconvenient.” Faith is a secondary condition, though they will baptize the members. It is made up of seven main members including the leader, and an eighth member is in reserve. A talented Church member is chosen as the back up, but they change all the time because they die so quickly. They each work alone under most circumstances, and they will not cooperate with foreign demon hunting organizations. The members gain powerful privileges and influence, and they’ll even go against the wishes of the Church without orders to eliminate heretics. They’ll go as far as to skewer a Bishop if he is possessed, leading to whispers calling it the most heretical section of the Church.

CURRENT SITUATION: There is no known presence in New York of its members


They are the heretic inquisitors of the Church established by the 120th Cardinal. They are not charged with the purpose of demon exorcism, but rather have the task of demon killing and the destruction of other heretical beings. It is known as the bloodiest department of the Church, called the Shura’s Den for its responsibility of punishing heresies. It takes a certain amount of willpower to be part of it, and being able to achieve the title of “Executor” signifies that one is a first-rate murderer that has passed brutal and pious training to become mankind’s weapon. They have varying specialties, including those specialized and geared for magus hunting, demon killing, or vampire slaying. They also include Exorcists, special kinds of priests charged as “representatives” by the bishop of a diocese. They are a type of Executor not geared for heretic hunting, but rather answer pleas for help and visit those towns to exorcise demons. While the mere likes of humans are no match for a mature demon, the real problem for the visiting exorcists is the protection of the soul. The experience of demon exorcism is said to be one that a person cannot withstand once again, making an iron faith more sought after than physical prowess. They don’t fear demons, but rather they fear the breaking of their will.

The Executors also follow the Eighth Sacrament, granting the permit to stray away from the rules of their religion as long as one thing, name of the All Mighty, is protected. They are followers that do not teach the words of the Lord, but act as as His representative, His Executors, despite being mere mortals. They take part in trials that should have only been watched, and slay heretics that should have only been denied. They are those who should not have even existed, who dispel the demonic and hunt what does not exist not in the teachings of their Lord. The existence of demons has sometimes made man mistake the calculations of heaven as the powerlessness of heaven. They sought a miracle from their Lord in the incomprehensible work of the demonic, causing exceptions in the form of the Executors to be born.

They consider demons to be messenger of heaven according to their doctrine, making it so a priest teaching the words of God has no right to destroy them. They follow the idea that God is the one absolute, that which is supreme and that which is all, and that as The Holy Spirit, He is the creator of a perfect world. It is impossible for Him to allow the existence of demons to defile the world He created by violating His own children. Even with that ideal, it is a fact that they do exist, corrupting man and defiling the world, playing out miserable tragedies and comedies beyond the reasoning of man. That which ought not be taints the world of God, and so, they reasoned that even these demons, the corruptors of man, are a vital part of the world the Lord constructed and one of His precious creations. They simply follow that if it is the work of the holy to strengthen the goodness of man, then what strengthens the evil of man is the demonic. The Executors are those who hunt that which is not in their doctrine, meaning that they can not be held back by that doctrine, and allowing them to annihilate even Their Lord’s own demonic creations. That is the one point that distinguishes them from exorcists.

CURRENT SITUATION: players have not had any run ins with this organization.

The Archdiocese of New York (The Church)

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