Relics are tools of the gods that allow a Scion to access and channel their otherworldly abilities. Below are the PC’s birthright relics used in our game.

The Amatsukami – The Japanese Gods

Amulet of Warding
Cloak of the Damned
Ghost-Slaying Sword
Magatama Necklace

The Anunnaki – The Mesopotamian Gods

The Furious One Pistol
Mark of the Snake
Pestilence Scarring

The Atlanteans – The Lost Civilization

Sentai Battle Armor Mk1
Sentai Battle Scarf of the Hero

The Dodekatheon – The Greek Gods

Dog Tags
Dragon Scale Armor
Exorcist Gloves
Magic Murder Bag of Holding
Sky Step Sneakers
Spartan Rune Pendant
Wonder Work Tablet

The Pesedjet – The Egyptian Gods

Blood of Isis
Formula of Offering
Knot of Isis
Mystic Eyes of Death

The Saints

Gold Cross
Saint Thomas More Patron Saint Medal

The Tuatha – The Irish Gods

Armlet of Cernunnos
Gáe Assail
Gáe Bolg
Horn of the Blackwood
Reins of Tagd
Rune of Courage
Rune of Expression
Rune of Valor


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