New York City Police Department Precinct 13 (Local Law Enforcement)

“We are not paid enough for this, I didn’t see anything. Let’s go grab a cappuccino macchiato”


One of the few remaining fully intact and functional police precincts after the horrific terrorist attack that left much of New York’s Police Departments within the burrows burying their dead. Precinct 13 is the light at the end of the tunnel, a beacon to those in need as the patrol officers contend and fight off the various threats that call the night home.

Precinct 13 has a long history with the paranormal, a testament to their designation as the “13th Precinct”. All that goes bump in the night is accepted but not readily admitted too by the men and women that patrol the precincts. Though not spoken of, the patrol officers who work the streets or detectives that investigate the terrible, all have confronted some supernatural terror and walked away from it, mostly minor threats but a few have confronted truly terrifying miasmas with valor and conviction.

This direct confrontation with the supernatural makes this department one of, if not the most experienced human/government organization in New York in dealing with the threats. As such, when things get odd it’s usually Precinct 13 officers milling about the scene after being recently assigned to a new watch.


New York City Police Department Precinct 13 (Local Law Enforcement)

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