Lloyd's of London Insurance House (International Private Organization)

We protect what others cannot, we insure the future…


A British insurance and reinsurance market house, It serves as a partially mutualized marketplace where multiple financial backers, underwriters, or members, whether individuals or corporations, come together to pool and spread risk. Unlike its competitors in the industry, it is not a company but it is a corporate body under the Lloyd’s Act of 1871 of the Parliament of the United Kingdom.

Hidden behind its carefully constructed public venire rests the real power of LLoyd’s, the Clock Tower.

The mage association as the Clock Tower is more commonly known by its members is an international, self-preservation organization created by western mages for the purpose of controlling, concealing and developing magecraft.

The association was founded after the Age of the Gods when the war between human mages and the Gods culminated in the near destruction of both parties powers. With magecraft in decline the surviving mages decided that to preserve the power of Thaumaturgy should drift apart from human society becoming a secret known only by a necessary minimum number of people, thus the creation of the mage association.

Lloyd’s represents the Clock Tower’s financial pursuits and search for lost legacies that could help restore their once great magic potential. To do this they use Lloyd’s insurance activities to monitor all major archaeological finds giving them a clear record of control over all items that may or may not serve them in their pursuit of magical powers.


Lloyd's of London Insurance House (International Private Organization)

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