Lexicanum Terribilis

The Lexicanum Terribilis is a leather bound tome containing the mission reports and investigative findings of the Church’s Executors from the past five centuries. Within it lies the complete record of the Church’s heretic hunts since the Executor order was established by the 120th Cardinal.

Several copies of the book are known to exist, but all but one of the tomes remains in the hands of the senior leadership of The Assembly of the Eighth Sacrament, the Executors and the members of the Burial Agency.

The book appears as a simple bound journal with no writings visible on its pages to the uninitiated. To those worthy of its use, the book unveils information regarding a single topic at a time.

This means users cannot flip through the book’s collected knowledge like an encyclopedia, because too much of the information within could damn a user unprepared for what the book contains. Instead, each user is carefully given just the amount of information they need to complete their task on the given topic.

How the book determines how much information to give is unknown. The book could divulge every piece of information it contains at once, a few pages, or even a few words. Most believe it is the will of God and his celestial hosts whom decide this.

How the books were created is unknown to all but the senior members of The Assembly of the Eighth Sacrament. New books can a do get made but it is a rare and celebrated thing, which each new owner being bestowed theirs at the feet of the pope in the Holy Se.

Never aging, the magical tome remains in pristine shape no matter the conditions of its storage, and the book can repair most damage done to it.

At present, only one book remains unaccounted for, the book owned by Father Patrick Carlson. In truth, the book was given to the Scion Jaime Kincaide, during his investigation into the Yellow King incident, where it remains.

Lexicanum Terribilis

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