Gáe Assail

Gáe Assail ●●●●

(1 Unique, 2 Purview)


The Gáe Assail or “Lightning Spear” was another treasure of the the Tuatha De Danann, from the city of Gorias. The spear was used by Lugh in the Second Battle of Mag Tuired (Moytura), against the Fomorians. Lugh obtained the Spear of Assal as an éric imposed on the children of Tuirill Piccreo (or Biccreo), according to the short account in Lebor Gabála Érenn, which adds that the incantation “Ibar (Yew)” made the cast always hit its mark, and “Athibar (Re-Yew)” caused the spear to return.

This spear allows Lucas to guarantee success by always striking his opponent. By spending an equal number of legend points equal to the target being attacked, a single strike of the spear will strike the victim, bypassing its armor in the process.

Gáe Assail

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