Cloak of the Damned

Cloak of the Damned ●●●●●

This billowing black cloak is made of living shadows and the souls of the damned.

Powers: Ayuko spends a point of legend, reaches into a shadow, and pulls the cloak out of Yomi. No one can remove the cloak from her while she lives, and should she drop it returns to the Underworld. While worn, the cloak provides Ayuko with a Hardness rating equal to her Legend as the cloak drains the energy out of incoming attacks. Any mortal who sees the cloak hears the voices of the tormented souls in their mind and automatically flees in terror.

Creatures with a Legend rating can make an opposed [Willpower + Integrity + Legend] roll to resist the fear effect. If they fail this roll they can spend a point of Willpower to automatically resist. Creatures with a Legend rating higher than Ayuko are unaffected.

Cloak of the Damned

Scion: Legacy OrneryAmerican