Church Of Roachology

In primeval times past, one of the earliest creatures on land was the roach. These creatures survived for eons scavenging the bounty of nature and being exceedingly good at it. They revered a primordial god that took on shapes of various animals in their environment. Said god was everywhere and could exist in various forms. Then man arrived. This creature was unlike any other creature ever to walk the Earth. His refuse became a banquet for the roaches and then cities started to form and then one roach named Horace ventured forth to colonize this new frontier. The god came to Horace and told him that is was not safe to scavenge from the ape-creatures. Horace rebuked him, saying that it would be a sin not to scavenge from their bountiful refuse. The god returned with, you may have a full stomach, but you’ll have to live in fear and underfoot of a stronger species than you. Horace teased back with the fact that his kind had more numbers. The god responded with, “But even with your numbers, many will get crushed and poisoned by these creatures and you’ll forget how to live in the wilds, becoming dependent to the trash the humans throw out.” Horace continued to ignore the warnings spoken from the god, until he lastly heard. “Horace you have cursed yourself and your kind. You will have full stomachs, but short, violent lives where you have to hide in fear throughout your days!”

Horace’s heresy enslaved roaches to the habitats of man. They were forced to hide in dark and fear being crushed or gassed. Cults that reveled in debauchery and evil popped up. Their heresy was well known among the populations.

Then, within the darkness of an abandoned human building the god revealed itself to a young roach named Balthazar. He was said to fetch more of his kind. He did, some were reluctant and others ran at a chance to actually have hope for once in their lives. The roaches gathered around this “human” and a great beast. He claimed to be an incarnation of the god of their ancestors and that the beast was the primal aspect of itself. He laid the foundation of his religion and renamed Balthazar, “BOB” and named him Roach Pope to guide his masses and sent them on their way for the true formal meeting later and to take his divine commandments. After sending them off on their way, he found a roach who had seen the cursed man who mumbles to himself. This roach named Jim would become the leader of the Jimquisition. This group that only heeds the orders of the god or Roach Pope. They are composed of various individuals that hunt enemies of the religion from the inside and outside. Also, some of these roaches understand few written words. They even are contracted to have their own guard: the Grey Knights who are comprised of the faithful and former heretics to join in rigorous training into their ranks.

The religion, after being revealed to the roaches, has their god in three forms that exist as separate pieces of the whole: The Badger as the primeval beast from the ages of the pre-Horace roaches that represents the wilds. The human who can speak to the roaches and vice versa who has different powers. He is the god of the present and makes the demands in the form of the one thing that smites roaches. The last is the Lloigor-the representative of death and anger of the god for their faults. It crushes and destroys with poison like those that man uses and crushes things underfoot as do humans as well. Roach Hell is the domain of this beast to punish the followers of Horace.

Roachology teaches that the soul is trapped in a system of reincarnations forged from Horace’s greed, one the soul has achieved a great number of suitable acts, it may pass into the domain of the Primal Wilds. This is the place where roach kind can live in an eternal afterlife of peace and plenty. If one truly is brutal and selfish they may just end their cycle in Roach Hell. The roaches must live lives that help others, abstain from greed, and protect each other to achieve this. While the Speaker of the Dead shows sorrow for those who have yet to end their cycle and speaks on their behalf with prayers to the aspects of their god.

Church Of Roachology

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