Ancient Magic

The Age of God’s and the Ascendance of Man

Legend speaks of an ancient order of Magus capable of performing true sorcery in the “Age of Gods”. Near limitless power at their hands the magus that performed these miracles stood peerless and could shape reality as they wished. From the shadows they lead humankind to new heights and spurred humanity onward in its evolution. Many of history’s finest men and women had dreams whispered into their ears by these magus.

Such power in the hands of humans did not go unnoticed by the god’s who strode across the earth and heaven. worshipped by man the god’s were loath to ignore these men of magic who had interfered with the games the gods played at humanities expense.

The god’s powers had begun to decline as magecraft, which offered humanity a chance at opposing the will of those that would rule them, dominated the human kingdoms. In their anger the gods struck many of the magus down. Wars, pestilence, monsters, and the gods own spawn played a role in the culling of humanity.

The magus attempted to fight back, turning to dark and terrible taboos that eat at them with each passing day. Sorceries and thamaturgy reached great and terrible heights until so much of the wonders built fell to the war between gods and men. In the end the gods won a shallow and indecisive victory. Man returned to the age of superstition and the age of gods died, their images in stone and the worship of temple priests the only reminder of their power.

Magecraft remained but its knowledge became a closely guarded secret known only to a few. These families grew in power and influence creating a society of magus, academics determine to rediscover so many of the mysteries lost eons ago. This collection of magus is now known as the CLOCK TOWER and from their organization in England they control the world of magus preventing its discovery from the greater world.

Never again will magic flourish as it once did, too much has been lost to hubris and the petty squabbles of men and gods but relics of the bygone age remain as reminders to both man and gods of what once was and the Clock Tower has begun to make its move.

Using the world renowned Lloyd’s of London insurance agency to monitor, protect and insure so much of the archaeological discovers unearthed they are slowly amassing what was lost and with those finds they may once again oppose the gods who still play their petty games on humanity.

But some things are to powerful for gods or men to contemplate, let alone control.

The players have become bit players in this game. As employees of Lloyd’s of London they have become the Gofers for the magus council and their search for ancient relics that could give them an edge in the war. The players are effectively offering the enemy tools to use in killing them.

However nothing says the players must be the enemies or allies of the magus or gods. They have there own goals and problems to deal with. Military, supernatural you name it. The Titan-spawn care not for the squabbles between magus and gods after all. The players must adapt and survive and find their own rode while being manipulated and played by all parties.

The real question is what are they gonna get out of this. Saving the world doesn’t pay the bills after all.

Ancient Magic

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