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  • Dog Tags

    h4. *Dog Tags ●●●●* h6. Abel's DOD Dog Tags

    h6. *Powers:* Grants access to the Arete and War purviews and can summon/dismiss the Dragon Scale Armor and Cestus.

  • Dragon Scale Armor

    h4. *Dragon Scale Armor ●●* h6. *Powers:* The Dragon Scale Armor augments the power of the Damage Conversion Knack to reduce damage. It reduces lethal damage from any attack to bashing and bashing to nothing at no cost. What’s more, while wearing the …

  • Cestus

    h4. *Cestus ●●●●* h6. A cestus or caestus is an ancient battle glove. The first cestuses in Ancient Greece were used in boxing-like competitions. Called meilichae, these gloves consisted of strips of raw hide tied under the palm, leaving the fingers …

  • Exorcist Gloves

    h4. Exorcist Gloves ●●● h6. These gloves were found by Jamie during his 5th case in dealing with the twisted spirit entity, The Broken Clown. The gloves were found within a twisted house of mirrors that manifested whenever the Broken Clown settled into …

  • Sky Step Sneakers

    h4. *Sky Step Sneakers ●* h6. This relic was one of two relics given to Jaime by Cesare Ruiz, a scion of Hermes, while trying to take down a branch of the Latin Kings as well as rescuing a childhood friend.

    h6. *Powers:* The relic gives …

  • Spartan Rune Pendant

    h4. *Spartan Rune Pendant ●●* h6. This pendant was the second of two relics given to Jaime by Cesare Ruiz.

    h6. *Powers:* This relic gives Jaime access to the Death Purview as well as access his inner most excellence.

  • Wonder Work Tablet

    h4. *Wonder Work Tablet ●●●●●* h6. This tablet PC was given to Jaime by his older half-brother, Kevin Sorbo, as a reward for thwarting the machinations of a Hastur cult. This item contains a number of traits and abilities matched for the various …

  • Jaime Kincaide - Scion of Zeus

    Before his visitation, Jaime Kincaide was an above average high school student who had no plans in life. With a father that was missing and a mother who didn’t care, Jaime became fairly self sufficient while at a young age. Doing errands and general labor …

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