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    The greatest legacy one can pass on to one's children and grandchildren is not money or other material things, but rather a legacy of character …

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    h2. *Welcome to the Scion: Legacy wiki*

    In this wiki key information related to the people, organizations and locations the players have interacted with can be found.

    [[File:700638 | class=media-item-align-center | 533x96px | …

  • Amulet of Warding

    h4. *Amulet of Warding ●●●* h6. The amulet contains bone and ash from the founder of the family shrine. The amulet manipulates the threads of fate to cause incoming attacks to miss or to inflict only glancing blows (represented mechanically by the …

  • Guides

    Guides are powerful mystical advisers that a Scion can turn to in a pinch for assistance.

  • Followers

    Followers are groups of unwaveringly loyal followers the Scion commands. *The Amatsukami - The Japanese Gods*

    h6. [[Ghostly Retainers]]

  • Ghostly Retainers

    h4. *Ghostly Retainers ●* h6. *Powers:* Ayuko’s friends and mentors from childhood continue to serve her in adulthood acting as messengers and spies. The five ghosts use the beat cop template and have a Legend rating of 1.

    h6. Ayuko can …

  • Dragon Scale Armor

    h4. *Dragon Scale Armor ●●* h6. *Powers:* The Dragon Scale Armor augments the power of the Damage Conversion Knack to reduce damage. It reduces lethal damage from any attack to bashing and bashing to nothing at no cost. What’s more, while wearing the …

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