Scion: Legacy

Welcome to our story

Much has happened since my friends and I began our journey in the world of Scion. Years ago we created our characters and dived head first into a world were Gods battle for control through their progeny.

I wish we had cataloged our journeys from so long ago.

Many of the memories from our first games have left us but the emotions, the feeling of accomplishment and ruckus fun remain.

The details are gone but breadcrumbs remain of our initial journeys.

The players met at a lonely bus stop a block away from a New York auction house. Their purpose alluded them. The Gods demanded their presence there that night so they obeyed.

What would follow was an adventure that saw them steal away a powerful gem tracing itself to Mesopotamia. A gem housing a demon of considerable power all but forgotten by time until that fateful night when it was placed on auction.

The group, who all but hated each other, scrambled to work together to battle the enigmatic Iranian bidder who won the gem for himself.

Thus began their fight to oppose a supernaturally charged PMC that would stop at nothing, including engaging in open warfare on American streets, to get the gem back.

Emotions ran high as the players who barely understood their own capabilities accidentally killed emergency personnel and saw innocents die in the cross fire thanks to poor planning.

Strange bedfellows in the form of American military soldiers assigned to the Defense Intelligence Agency, a world renowned terrorist and the famed Loyd’s of London Insurance company helped temper the players into a force worth something.

Those early games taught my players and I much.

So much of our early games have been forgotten, but after years on hiatus our characters have returned and their adventures will not be easily forgotten this time.

Buckle up and join us in our new adventures. I think you will enjoy the ride.

Ramblings of a Mad Man 1
Story 1 - Session 1

At long last, New York’s Scion band has reunited. For two years the players have gone their separate ways, but tonight they are drawn back together by the unseen forces of their God blood.

Meeting at the Moonlight Sonata Coffee House, which is owned and operated by one of the team’s Celtic God children, Lúcás Kean, they recount their personal adventures into the realm of demigods.

The elation of seeing each other again is short lived however. Shortly after their reunion the Scions are approached by Detective Caiden of the New York Police Department’s 13th Precinct. He arrived at the coffee house shortly after the Scions, and after brief introductions by Jaime Kincaide, a Scion of Zeus, who actively works with the NYPD, expressed his growing concerns over a number of disappearances within the homeless community. Caiden fears the mutilated body discovered outside a flood gate maybe connected to a string of disappearances.

The autopsy of the body discovered by Caiden’s team was performed by the Naomi Weaver, a Scion of Kebauet, of who was assisted by Yamasaki Ayuko, a Scion of Izanami,. Their report revealed that the body was not destroyed by passing through the drainage system, as was initially believed by law enforcement, but was instead attacked by something which stood at least 10 feet tall. The wounds on the body coincide with injuries commonly found in animal attacks. Additionally, the body seemed to affect Naomi’s ability to sense and divine information through her magic. Why or how is unknown but eerily disturbing. A mold of the victim’s teeth was made to send to the New York State Patrol’s crime lab for identification.

After the autopsy, the Scions met at Precinct 13 were they were introduced to the newly assigned detective Kyle Hyde. Hyde briefed them on facts of the case and the Scions decided on a plan of action.

One key fact revealed was the growing reports of a winged creature stalking the night skies, which was often seen just before the disappearances. Another piece of intel was testimony from the homeless community about a newcomer; a strange hooded man was seen just before the disappearances.

As the number of disappearances grew, the homeless population of the area has gone to ground and is nowhere to be found. Only the newest homeless, mostly from Hurricane Sandy, remain on the streets, and their numbers are minuscule in comparison to the large homeless communities that once populated this part of New York’s streets.

The team decided to release to the public a doctored autopsy report stating the dead body was just a poor unlucky homeless man rather than a victim of some kind of animal attack. It was also determined that more blood tests were needed to discovery why the body had such a negative effect on Naomi’s abilities.

Jaime, having remembered seeing a body in a similar state before, decided he would seek advice and information from Father Carlson, his mentor within the church.

Naomi and Ayuko would perform the additional blood tests while waiting for the forensic tests to be completed in hope the victim’s identity would offer up some leads to investigate.

Alexis Circe Megalos, a Scion of Hermes, chose to seek out the street bum named Jeremiah, a contact of hers on the street, for information on this stranger preying on the homeless.

Abel Remington, a Scion of Ares, chose the more direct approach of seeking a map of the sewage system so he can investigate on his own.

Lastly, Quinn Collins, a Scion of Cernunnos, made plans to investigate the tunnels on his own with the aid of his animal companions.

With their plans in hand, the Scions began another quest together.

Ramblings of a Mad Man 2
Story 1 - Session 2

Scions Naomi and Ayuko, along with a veteran lab technician named Paul Riley at the New York General Hospital, began their investigation by performing a viral antigen test, and a viral culture test of the homeless victim’s blood.

The pair found some startling things.

The blood was infected with a virus which aggressively seeks out cell surfaces to attach to, to begin RNA exchange. Protein luminescence tests involving TRIM5 Alpha, a protein which prevents RNA modification, inserted antibody carriers showed no intervention by the body’s immune system. The blood’s antibodies detect the alien viral signature, but upon connection with the virus, nothing happens. The body didn’t react to the foreign object and neither did the virus. The RNA exchange while aggressive seems benign, as if the virus was always a part of the body’s normal function.

Riley, having remembered an article in the Proceedings of the National Academy of the Sciences USA, believed the virus to be a newly discovered strand of a long extinct virus from the dawn of man, or possibly one of the newly reconstituted viruses being brought back from extinction in labs around the world.

Feeling discretion was for the best, Ayuko and Naomi contacted the Wall with their discovery and requested a trusted contact to reveal their findings to. Maj. Jack Garvey, the commander of the Wall special forces unit, pointed them to Doctor Alexis York of the CDC for help.

With his help the party discovered that the virus is endogenous, meaning a virus has become an integrated part of a creature’s DNA through the creature’s normal reproduction process. They also discovered that the virus is similar to CERV 3 (chimpanzee endogenous retrovirus 3), an extinct virus recently discovered. The CDC is working with it, but has failed to reconstruct it in labs.

The virus passes as part of the body by stealing upon copper transports in the body allowing it to trick the immune system. It targets neuron receptors in the prehistoric parts of the human brain by preventing proper transmission between receptors.

More tests are needed and animal test subjects are required, so Naomi and Ayuko decided to go to the Howard Hughes Medical Institute in New York to use its labs to see what the virus will do to a living creature.

During that time, Jaime arrived at the Archdiocese of New York where Father Carlson works and Jaime was warned to leave the case behind. The evil the party is seeking is beyond human knowing and should remain forgotten to all of time and space. Whatever did the killing is only a servant to a greater evil abomination not of God’s design and whatever it is, is apocrypha to the church. The party, he was told, is not ready for what lies beyond the creature they are seeking out.

Abel sought aid from Detective Hyde, and the two got a map of the city’s subway system and sewers. After mapping out the reported disappearances, a pattern began to emerge. The disappearances were all along the city’s sewer system, and the responsible party seemed to be following the line with no clear objective in mind.

This simple discovery provided Abel with a course of action, and a plan to investigate the sewer route began to take form.

Ramblings of a Mad Man 3
Story 1 - Session 3

Alexius Megalos, a Scion of Hermes, began her investigation into the disappearing homeless in New York’s back alleys. There, she hoped to find one of her contacts, Jeremiah. Jeremiah is a homeless Vietnam veteran in his mid-60s who worked with Alexis in previous adventures as an informant on the happenings involving the city’s street people.

Jeremiah knows a little bit about everything going on within the homeless population since he sees and speaks with so many people. His mental problems make most around him complacent and more loosely lipped.

Alexius’ questioning of Jeremiah about the mysterious strangers and the disappearing homeless begins to unravel Jeremiah’s mind. He begins mentally shutting down more and more before suffering physical health effects at the attempted and eventual remembrance of information.

Per Jeremiah, the homeless pair did pass through the homeless community before heading north along the sewer/subway line as previously discovered, but what Jeremiah revealed was that the tall and lanky being was unnoticed by everyone in the community and was always at the edge of Jeremiah’s vision, and it knew Jeremiah could see it. Jeremiah also revealed a similar description of the tall lanky being’s winged claws. Alexis emailed this info to the rest of the group.

The questioning ended when Jeremiah suffered a complete breakdown as he attempted to remember more on the subject. Further attempts to remember anything by him saw physical effects in his person as he began to bleed from his eyes, ears and nose.

Alexus spoke to Jeremiah about the Vietnam War believing the change in topic, while not pleasant, would help him recover. The memories drew Jeremiah’s mind from madness as he recounted his soldiering days and the actions that led him to the streets. This shift in thinking allowed Jeremiah to remember a bit more on the strangers. This revelation revealed the homeless man everyone could see was new to the streets and apparently mad, and speaking to himself, which caused everyone in the community to slip closer to madness as a high-pitched whine ate at their psyche.

Jeremiah also remembered the observable stranger writing something on the walls of the subway underground while his elusive partner remained at the edge of sight. Jeremiah took Alexius to the spot of the writing.

Approaching the message plunges Jeremiah into unconsciousness and Alexis begins to slip into madness as her senses work against her. From the corner of her eye a visage of a winged yellow cloaked being stands watch. As Alexis reaches the wall, strange geometries appear and the image of another more terrible being appears before her. It whispers into her ear before plunging Alexis into darkness.

“Song of my soul, my voice is dead; die thou, unsung, as tears unshed shall dry and die.”

As Alexius slips from consciousness, the man in yellow approaches her body.


After receiving the text from Alexius, and ultimately unaware of her current predicament, Jaime confronts Father Caiden with the information and demands answers to the growing mystery of who or what it was the church battled and why the group must not become embroiled in it further. Caiden is angry at his apprentice’s persistence, but gives in and leads him to the church’s back office where a book of incredible age, and unknown authorship, is pulled from a shelf and placed on the table before both.

Speaking the words: “Strange is the night where black stars rise, and strange moons circle through the skies. Let the red dawn surmise what we shall do, when this blue starlight dies and all is through!” The book opens and, in a voice mixed with both fear and anger, Caiden demands Jaime look at the open page.

Caiden’s hand begins to bleed onto the pages of the book from a quick slash of his palm, and Jaime struggles with indecision as his mind fights between the urge to look or flee from the book. Against his better judgement, he looks and speaks the name he sees on the page. THE TATTERED KING

Like the others, Jaime sees the image of the cloaked figure appear before him in all his terrible splender. A darkened yellow cloak painted with the filth of its victims encircles a stretched frame of unearthly being whose will is unknowable. As if on que, the church begins shaking. The parishioners scream as a loud and growing rhythmic banging echoes throughout the church, which grows louder and louder with each passing second.
Father Caiden gasps and clutches his chest as pain wracks his heart. The being’s arrival is too much for the older man and the sudden heart attack send him to the floor. As Caiden hits the ground the knocking stops leaving Jaime to wonder what he has awoken. Jaime calls for a medic.

In another part of the city and deep below the streets, Quinn calls upon his rat minion and attack beast. He orders both to search the tunnels for any clues to the identity of the threat hidden there. The rat like usual refuses to help until bribed with dog treats.

The second plan of Quinn’s was the summoning of the city’s roach population, which has passed down from generation to generation the worship of Quinn as a god. Quinn appointed one roach, now called Bob, to be the new head of the roach’s religion. Before beginning his indoctrination of the roach hoard, Quinn orders the roaches to search the area for any sign of this mysterious man walking among the homelesss.

Ramblings of a Mad Man 4
Story 1 - Session 4

The night is creeping onward and Scion Quinn Collins is still at the abandoned gas station in the old warehouse district establishing his dominance over the roach population of New York City.

Using his oratory skills and god powers, Quinn convinced the roaches to worship him as the Messiah and establish a religion in his name modeled loosely in the image of the Catholicism. A ‘pope’ was chosen among the teeming masses, and an inquisition was established, as well as a ‘papal guard’. Quinn’s ultimate plan is to harness the power of the roaches to find, observe, and possibly kill the wandering mumbling man.

While Quinn completed his takeover of the roach horde, Dr. Weaver and Dr. Yamasaki made their way to Howard Hughes Medical Center to retest and research the viral sample, which was tested at NYC General laboratory earlier.

On the highway, the duo was contacted by Scion Abel Remington and Detective Kyle Hyde, who established a conference call with Detective Caidan. Ayuko explained the current situation to Caidan, who asked if federal and state authorities need to be notified of this situation. Ayuko and Naomi told him they had both contacted the CDC earlier and were directed by the agency to a an expert in state. This expert referred them to the Howard Hughes Medical Center, which has a facility dedicated to the study of current and past viral bacteria.

After hearing this, Caidan called Jaime and found out that while Jaime’s earlier text message went out, he was performing lifesaving procedures on Father Carlson. Caidan walked Jaime through the procedures until EMT’s arrived at the scene and took Father Carlson to New York General.

Jaime explained what happened from the last scene to Caidan, and everyone listening on the conference call, including the message that was sent out by Alex. Jaime then suggested that he should go through Father Carlson’s study to find more information on the entity that caused this whole mess.

After this call ended, Able called Quinn to see what his situation was and asked if he was causing any trouble. Quinn answered that everything was okay, and that he had a plan he was working on. The conference call ended and Ayuko and Naomi were still in transit to Howard Hughes Medical Center.

Abel and Kyle hung up their phones and continued to the entrance of the storm drain outflow were the mangled body of the first victim was found. When they arrived, there was no one around the area and after a cursory check, nothing out of place. They then proceeded to enter the sewer system.

For a while, both Abel and Kyle detected nothing as they followed the direction on a map that showed the various tunnels and intersections in the area. Soon, both Abel and Kyle encountered a heavy and oppressive presence which filled the air with a thick almost tangible miasma filling the pair with a deep sense of apprehension. Regardless, they continued along in the tunnel and the oppressive aura became thicker. At some point both Abel and Kyle started searching the area with flashlights and discovered a series of markings on the sewer walls which couldn’t be deciphered. It felt like something was forcing both to look away in a deliberate attempt to blind them to the markings. Both managed to fight through the effect, and for the first time, clearly saw a mysterious series of symbols carved into the sewer wall. Kyle unsheathed his utility knife and defaced the symbols on the wall.

The oppressive aura quickly dissipated as the last symbol was destroyed, and the pair continued down the tunnel to find additional information on who or what wrote the symbols. The aura returned after hours of wandering through the underground labyrinth and soon each step felt the air around them get heavier. Before long they found another set of symbols which coincided with the first set found in the previous section of the tunnel.

While Abel was trying to decipher the new images on the wall, Kyle noticed a figure further down the tunnel slowly shuffling towards them. Kyle drew his sidearm and demanded the individual stop where he was. The figure ignored his order and shuffled forward. As the being approached, Kyle could see who it was shambling towards them. The figure matched the description of the Mumbler.

Kyle attempted to give another order, but is voice was no longer his to control. His arms began shaking and incomprehensible words started filling his mind and the tunnel ways.


Abel was too focused on the images on the wall to notice Kyle’s plight. It took all of Abel’s willpower to break out of his own stupor, and when he did break the spell he felt the oppressive aura increase. Out of the corner of his eye he saw a figure wrapped in a tattered yellow robe 20 feet from him. He attempted warn Kyle about this, but only then noticed Kyle’s shaking and spasms. Kyle’s skin was pale and sweaty now, and he started speaking in rhymes, and small rivulets of blood flowed from his eyes and nose.

As Kyle finished his strange mantra the figure in the tattered golden robe was upon them. It’s sudden proximity shocked Abel and left him unnerved. He was the fasted Scion on the team, and he hadn’t even noticed the creature’s movements. Now, within arm’s length, the figure lifted its hood, and Abel finally saw the face of his foe. The figure expelled a sickly yellow cloud, which enveloped the Abel and Kyle.

Abel held his breath, but Kyle inhaled the cloud and passed out in pain. Abel caught Kyle as he fell and then sprinted out of the area.

The figure in the tattered robe gave chase and slowly gaining on Abel. Abel quickly checked behind and noticed he was being chased by the robed monster, and a small tidal wave of sewage.

With a bit of luck, skill and memorization Abel navigated his way out of the sewer system. He outran the monster and tidal wave.

With a final sprint, Abel made it to Kyle’s car and proceeded towards NYC General to get Kyle some help. Abel contacted dispatch to notify local law enforcement about Detective Kyle Hyde’s’ condition.

Ramblings of a Mad Man 5
Story 1 - Session 5

Alexus Circe Megalos awakened to the sound of two individuals talking a few paces from where she collapsed. Alexus had passed out after questioning her contact Jeremiah, a homeless vagabond, deep in the New York underground. Alexus’ hunt for the truth resulted in a sudden, and brief, confrontation with the “The King in Yellow,” which sent Alexus into unconsciousness.

The two strangers discussed killing Alexus, because they feared she would kill both in a fit of uncontrolled rage when she woke. Alexus, now fully awake, played possum in the hopes of learning more about her benefactors.

The pair’s pointed conversation made it clear to Alexus something wasn’t right. Both let it slip that Alexus did not appear physically changed, which means she must have lost her mind by her experiences moments before with the robed abomination.
She felt fine, which means her Godly lineage must have aided in her survival, at least she hoped so. Madness can be a very strange thing and rarely identifiable by the mad.

While still playing possum, Alexus peaked at the two beings, and was startled by what she saw: orcs. Undaunted, Alexus continued to spy on the two as they continued to talk and plan, but when nothing new appeared to be forthcoming, she chose to make her wakefulness known.

The two orcs leaped in surprise and panicked for a moment when they realized Alexus was now awake, but after realizing that she was not an immediate threat they calmed down and introduced themselves as Page Conner and James Dusty. Both were vagabonds who once belonged to Jeremiah’s homeless community until they met with an unfortunate turn of events, which lead to their present form.

The two men, like Jeremiah, initially welcomed the arrival of the mysterious cloaked wanderer to the homeless community, and they viewed his mumbling and rambling to be nothing more than mental illness, which is very common on the streets. Sadly, they were wrong. Like the rest of the community, Conner and Dusty saw the effects of the stranger’s arrival. The two repeated the same story Jeremiah had told Alexus. The stranger brought madness wherever he walked while being followed by a tall man draped in yellow.

Conner and Dusty were members of the community Jeremiah had claimed disappeared. Conner and Dusty left the community one night and traveled with 30 or so others into the darkness, which by an unseen force willed them onward. This force was eventually revealed to be the man in yellow whose outstretched wing welcomed them into madness.

Most of the particulars surrounding that terrible night has been forgotten, but they remember waking in a large room deep within the sewers with a yellow mist filling the area like a thick fog. Screams filled the air as dozens of their friends writhed on the ground in pain as they transformed into orcs. The ones which didn’t physically change began lashing out at each other in violence. Conner and Dusty ran as far and fast as they could into the sewers, and eventually they made their way to their present spot where they too transformed into orcs while in agony on the sewer floor.

Alexus was discovered by the two, after they heard Alexus screaming in the direction of their old home and decided to investigate the noise. When they arrived, they found the area filled with the same yellow mist, which had changed or driven the others crazy except for Alexus who was unconscious in a small pool of water. Against their better judgment they pulled her to safety and waited to see what would become of her. Nothing apparently was going to happen and that fact is what was confusing Conner and Dusty.

One key piece of information found during the ensuing questioning was that the rambling mad man is around 50 years old and wore medical garb in relatively good condition. The tall man following him appears to be protecting him, but the rambling man doesn’t notice or care.

Their discussion was interrupted by a terrible howl heard coming from deep in the sewer. After briefly panicking at the noise, it was discovered that the cause was Quinn’s rat and his monster companion pursuing another survivor of Jeremiah’s community who had survived the yellow cloud as a changed man named Jenkins.

The rat, in his haste to find something strange and out of the ordinary in the sewer, got a tad ahead of himself and chased down Jenkins who was scared and lost in the sewers.

After the rat recognized Alexus, her calm returned and the parties united.

Meanwhile, Jamie Kincaide began reading the large tome Father Carlson unsealed. The book is ancient and possess magic beyond Jaime’s understanding and holds countless secrets, which could damn the church. The tome is called the LEXICANUM TERRIBILIS, and it contains a plethora of magical seals designed to keep its secrets, secret. Jaime is given access to only a single chapter in the book pertaining to the King in Yellow.

Throughout the chapter several notes were inserted between the lines by the author to warn the reader and to provide background information.

Jaime discovered several facts about Hastur, the King in Yellow, and the Church while reading from the book.

Jaime discovered the church considers magic a real, tangible thing far beyond the simple mysteries the Scion Naomi Weaver can perform. He learned the names of countless Gods referred to as Old Ones, which are aliens from space and categorized by the label “Type,” and humans are nothing to them. He learned of a powerful being called Crimson Moon. He also learned the names of several Church organizations the author holds in low regard called the Burial Agency and the 8th Sacrament. He discovered the church has dealt with many powerful threats including something called a Dead Apostle, and he learned there is a third party called the Clock Tower, which slinks in the shadows as both a friend and foe to the church.

The book also revealed many revelations about the King in Yellow. Hastur is the King’s real name and it is one of the old ones. Hastur comes from a star system called Hyades and from a planet called Carcosa where he rests. Strange Bat like creatures called Byahkee serve as Hastur’s servants. These creatures can travel at the speed of light and have traveled the galaxy seeding the knowledge of Hastur’s existence throughout the universe. They use proxies to sow madness while placing a magical rune called the Yellow Sign, which is used to activate a magic capable of bringing Hastur to this world.

It was all coming together now for Jaime. This information made it clear the man in yellow with a bat like arm is a Byahkee, and it has been using the rambling man to spread madness and the yellow sign in the hopes of bringing forth Hastur. He also learned that the Byahkee is a mundane threat and spreads some sort of yellow cloud, which will either change an infected human into an orcish human, or change them into super violent humans completely loyal to Hastur.

Remembering the note Father Carlson left behind, which spoke of the 8th sacrament and the Allied Calvary Office, Jaime grabbed Carlson’s rolodex of contacts and a number of books from his shelves and headed to the coffee house to determine what to do next.

Scion Abel Remington had his hands full ensuring Detective Hyde made it to the hospital after breathing in the yellow cloud, and letting Detective Caiden know he has an officer down. Abel sent out an email with key info involving the yellow cloud but the text failed to reach those who needed it most. As the session drew to a close, Hyde awoke in his hospital bed screaming and lashing out violently.

Naomi and fellow Scion Ayuko, along with Paul Riley, finally arrived at the Howard Hughes medical facility to test their blood sample on several animals. The goal is to see if a live test subject infected with the mysterious CERV 3 virus would show symptoms that could be measured.

The group was greeted at the facility by Dr. Stephen Goff, director of Genetics of Retroviral Replication, and Dr. Paul Ahlquist, director of Virus Replication and Virus-Host Interactions. These two scientists are world renowned for their research into CERV 2 viruses, which makes them the perfect pair to help unravel the mysterious of this strange and alien virus.

After arriving at the Bio Safety Level Three (BSL-3) Hughes laboratory, the two scientists began looking over the virus with an electron microscope, and both are thrilled by what they see, but cannot reveal any new information beyond what Naomi and Ayuko already know. Undaunted, the team decides it’s important to begin animal testing to learn more.

Moving to the animal lab, two apes are exposed to the virus. At first nothing different appears to happen, but after several long minutes of waiting the power surges plunging the group into darkness. A slow rumble begins to shake the lab and from the corner of their eye stands the man in yellow watching their work, and a strange yellow mist seems to fill the room. Ayuko and Naomi are pulled away from the creature’s visage at the sound of Dr. Goff screaming as he is attacked and killed by one of the apes infected by the virus. The other ape is beginning to mutate, and lacks the aggression the other ape now displays. Ayuko and Naomi both theorize the virus remains dormant until a catalyst triggers it, and the catalyst is the yellow cloaked creature.

Working together, Ayuko and Naomi quickly dispatch the attacking ape but not before Dr. Ahlquist is injured and then subsequently healed by Ayuko’s powers. Paul Riley watched as all the madness unfolded and was both thrilled by the heroics and apparent supernatural displays of power both Naomi and Ayuko displayed in killing the ape.

Ayuko contacted Maj. Garvey, commander of the Wall, and told him about everything which had transpired with their virus inspection and in return Garvey used all his back door channels to force the New York Governor to send Guardsmen to secure the Howard Hughes campus and put into place a cover story about a new strain of rabies in case more people are infected and become violent.

Ramblings of a Mad Man 6
Story 1 - Session 6

Doctors Yamasaki and Weaver have discovered the triggering mechanism for the alien virus in the aftermath of the animal rampage in the research lab at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

As security and hazmat personnel take over the scene, Ayuko and Naomi get a call from Abel Remington briefing them on the incident in the tunnels and Detective Hyde’s medical situation. The conversation is broken up when the pair hear a loud roar in the background and Abel’s line goes dead. Ayuko and Naomi rush to their car and set out for the New York Presbyterian Hospital three hours away.

Before Abel contacted Ayuko and Naomi, he was busy getting Hyde to the hospital and into emergency care. He met Detective Caidan at the ER and explained what happened and how they were going to resolve the situation, and then he contacted Ayuko and Naomi about the situation. The loud roar and screams, which interrupted Abel’s talk with the two doctors, came from Hyde’s room. Medical personnel ran passed Abel as he entered the room, and there he saw Kyle’s slow transformation into a feral human. Hyde leaped from the hospital bed and charged Abel.

Meanwhile, Jaime Kincaide arrives at the Moonlight Sonata. He is greeted by a concerned Lúcás Kean who has been trying all day to figure out what has been going on .

Jaime did not realize this and apologized to Lúcás for keeping him in the dark. Over the next hour Jaime brings Lúcás up to date on everything going on that day. Abel’s text message briefly interrupts the talk and Jaime shows it to Lúcás. After taking in all of the information, Lúcás finishes his coffee, grabs Gáe Bolg, and sets off to the hospital to meet up with the party. Jaime follows him out after locking up the store, and both Scions make their way to the hospital.

Back in the sewers, Alexus Megalos and Quin Collin’s rat, Sydney, try to explain the situation to the three orcs. The transformed transients have a miner freak out over the talking rat and the finally noticed 11-foot floating crocodile, which also serves Quin. The orcs are further spooked by the roar of a rampaging mob, which has appeared down one of the service tunnels.

Earlier, Sydney and the Lloigor went investigating the service tunnels and eventually found and confronted the feral population of missing persons and Jeremiah’s homeless community. The mob was chancing the pair when they stumbled on Alexus and the orcs in the previous session.

The Lloigor proceeded to use his chlorine acid ball on the fast approaching crowd. While the mob is demoralized, the Lloigor damaged the support structure of the tunnels and collapsed the tunnel trapping the mob on the other side of the ruble. Thanks to this brief reprieve, the party flees down an opposite tunnel. As they reach the service entrance out of the sewer, Sydney and the Lloigor are summoned back to Quinn.

Once free of the tunnels, Alexus asks the three orcs to go to Jeremiah’s camp and wait there until this situation is over. As the orcs leave for safety, Alex gets all of the day’s text messages and proceeds to the hospital.

The session ended with Ayuko and Naomi finally reestablishing communications with Abel and learning about Hyde’s inhaling of the yellow cloud. Both warn Abel of what could happen to Hyde, and ask Abel to control Hyde until they can make it back and heal him.

Ramblings of a Mad Man 7
Story 1 - Session 7 / Conclusion

Having been told by Naomi and Ayuko to keep Detective Hyde under control, Abel made sure he did just that. Hyde, being under to control of the CERV 3, was hysterical, flailing his arms, scratching at Abel and yelling curses and slurs over and over again but to no avail for Abel kept him down tight at the chest.

Careful to not break ribs or any bones that Hyde might wail at him, Abel kept a steady watch over him but was constantly bombarded with questions he was unable and unwilling to answer by Dr. Zellman, the current ICU Ward doctor. All the while Detective Caiden stared in silence in the corner.

Jaime and Lucas arrive at the scene just in time for to save Dr. Zellman from Abel’s gaze while Abel tried to put Hyde in a more subdued state. Jaime, the sweet talker he is, was able to persuade Zellman from continuing his questioning and leave the four alone to contemplate their next move, by having him talk to Ayuko and Naomi.

Leaving Hyde to rest, Abel, Lucas and Detective Caiden made their way to records for any information they could gather on the Mumbling Man. With a bit of charm and sweet talking Abel was able to convince Abigail the records keeper to give them the information they needed and set up a video conference with Dr. Michael, the mumbling Man’s psychologist and revealing him to be Dr. Cal Lensman, an Archeologist driven mad during his last visit to South America.

Ayuko and Naomi arrive in the hospital room in time to heal Hyde from CERV 3, unfortunately Hyde remembers the whole ordeal, but warns of the threat and plan against the Scions. They were all drawn here by Hyde as bait in order to remove them from the proverbial chess board.

As Hyde warns of the danger, gunfire is heard in the parking structure and the hospital starts to go on alert. Knowing this to be a trap Lucas sets a blessing on the party and Abel heads off to find Quinn at the sewers.

(See write-up below from Lars for more details on the fight)

Quinn being the crazed man he is, finally has the cockroach army he’s been waiting for. He assigns jobs and orders them on what they must do, which is to find and kill Dr. Lensman and report back to him as soon as possible.

Abel meets up with Quinn just as he is about to set off into the tunnels and the two decide to take it from two sides, with Quinn and his Lloiger and Badger and Abel with Quinn’s faithful yet annoying rat.

Quinn not paying much attention to the runes draws closer to the center with his cockroach army killing all enemies they encounter with his animals in tow, as Abel tries to scout the tunnels in hopes to find many runes and destroying the ones he does. Finding no more and the miasma of the dark presence’s source Abel sends the rat off to find more runes down a different path.

Dr. Lensman forms the final rune as Abel and Quinn reach the center and a bright light sparks the room. Hastur awakens and shows himself to be formed. The two seeing this are now aware of the fear they now face.

Lucas being connected with the two understood the danger they were in and bowed his head in silent prayer, and convinces the other to start a small feast at the coffee shop for the other two’s return.

Quinn loses all sense of safety and sets out for the kill as soon as he is able.
Abel on the other hand being a man of war is now aware of the fear that forms in a man’s heart when faced with death. He had seen the face of those who’d seen it before but had never witnessed it himself, but now he was fully aware of the situation. He is now determined with courage to fight this evil.

Finding it odd that the light took away their current surroundings and replacing it with a cloud of death, Abel decides to try a small trick. Taking a small pebble he had been tumbling in his hand, he shot it passed the form he knew as Hastur, and created a small crack which grew long until the rune was touched by it. The rune, now having a crack in it quivered and gave way to the sight of Lensman huddled and kowtowing to Hastur. The sight was only an image but still held the weight of death. Abel knew he had to break the rune completely if he was to destroy Hastur.

Tendrils of darkness now made their way to kill the intruders and succeeded in killing Quinn’s badger. Just barely evading death the tendrils attacked Abel was able to get a shot fired at the rune. The bullet hadn’t done enough damage to the rune but to make it shudder and skip its beat. A voice in his head told Abel to get personal with it. That nothing but his full strength would do anything to it.

As Abel tries his hand at getting closer to the rune, Quinn made his way to destroy the tendrils in turn, and was able to damage a few and taking slight damage in turn. The Lloiger made its final charge and Quinn was quick to accept the fate and jumped on its back.

Abel, after narrowly dodging the tendrils and death, manages to get in close enough to break the rune. This sends the visage of Hastur and the tendrils to disappear leaving Dr. Lensman an empty vessel.

Quinn and his Lloiger stuck in full charge finish Lensman with a blow to the back with his swords, killing Lensman instantly.

Lucas at the coffee shop looks up and gives small thanks and simply states “We’re expecting company”.

Jaime sitting at the head of the bed of Father Carlson hands the priest a cup of coffee and manages a smile.

“It’s good to see you well, Jaime.”

“And you as well Father.”

This was Jake’s Interpretation

Session 7

As Jaime finishes telling Lucas of the day’s events, careful to leave out any reference to the Lexicanum Terribilis, Lucas’ countenance slowly transforms from concern for his friends to a steeled resolve to make things right. His duty as a hero and protector of the innocent and the demands of his geas drive him to action. As the conversation comes to an end Lucas retrieves Areadbhar, his spear, and walks out the front door heading for the hospital, prepared for whatever he might find there. Surprised by Lucas’ sudden departure Jaime locks up the Moonlight Sonata and hurries after him.

As they approach the hospital the police stationed outside watch Lucas warily. The officers know the pair well as they are frequent customers of Lucas’ coffee shop but the man before them is not the friendly and gregarious store owner they know. He is now a man of unwavering determination planning for imminent violence.

The officers order Lucas to stop and drop the spear. When he ignores their commands and continues walking towards them they draw their guns and ask again. Hoping to avert to a disaster, Jaime pleads with Lucas to give him the spear but is ignored. Abruptly, Lucas’ changes back to his jovial self and he greets the police officers warmly. He explains that he just got back from a Broadway play and that the spear is a prop he used. He shows it to the officers and they all agree it looks very realistic but is obviously not a danger to them or the hospital. The misunderstanding resolved, Lucas and Jaime enter the hospital and ask the receptionist where to find Detective Hyde. They are told his room is on the third floor.

Meanwhile, in Detective Hyde’s room, Detective Caiden sits in a chair uneasily as he watches Abel physically restrain Hyde. Hyde’s condition continues to worsen as he thrashes about, hurling obscenities at everyone in the room. His vigil is interrupted by a phone call from Ayuko who is calling with status updates. He sets it to speaker phone so Abel can hear and she fills them in on what happened at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. The good news is that they are only 15 minutes away from the hospital and Ayuko is confident that she can cure Hyde of his affliction. The bad news is that the CDC had to do a full cover-up of the incident at the lab and reports of a dangerous strain of rabies breaking containment are all over the local news stations. She also tells them that it should be safe to sedate Hyde if he becomes a danger to himself. The conversation over, Caiden hangs up and returns to his thoughts, the nameless police officer standing guard with them is left dumbfounded at what he has just heard.

After the call with Detective Caiden Ayuko calls The Wall and gives the same debriefing to Major Garvey. He is shocked to hear the full details of the virus and it’s method of transmission via the Byakhee’s gas cloud. Apparently he missed out on a previous report, oops. He tells Ayuko that he’ll contact the hospital and arrange for them to start emergency response drills so that they are prepared should something happen. The phone call finished, Naomi complains about traffic.

As Lucas and Jaime enter Detective Hyde’s room they are greeted with the sight of Hyde’s continued violent ranting. As they start a conversation with Detective Caiden and Abel, the door opens and Dr. Zellman enters the room. As the doctor in charge of Hyde’s care he is greatly concerned for Hyde’s and the hospital’s safety. He has heard the reports of the CDC’s containment of the rabies accident and is worried that Hyde might be infected with it. Dr. Zellman does not like being kept in the dark and demands answers. As he talks, Abel has finally tired of restraining Hyde and chokes him unconscious. Dr. Zellman understandably freaks out but Abel stares him down so completely that Zellman is little more than an animal that knows that he is facing a predator that will kill him and eat him. Jaime steps in and tells the panicked doctor that he would like to tell him the truth but that he wouldn’t believe it and that it’s best to just trust them in this matter, everything is under control. After regaining his composure Dr. Zellman tells them that he will leave, for now, but that he will make his own investigation into this incident and that certain people he knows would love to hear what’s happening in his hospital. Worrying that Dr. Zellman will call the press Jaime calls Ayuko and asks her to talk to him and see what she can do.

After hanging up with Jaime Ayuko looks through her hospital directory and calls Dr. Zellman and sells him the CDC cover story of the rabies accident. She convinces him that Detective Hyde is not contagious or a risk to the hospital and that she will make sure that he gets a full report from the CDC as soon as the investigation is finished. He agrees to let Ayuko take responsibility for Hyde’s care and stay out of her way.

A few minutes later Ayuko, Naomi, and Paul Riley enter Hyde’s room and see everyone waiting patiently for them. While Ayuko and Naomi prepare Hyde’s treatment Abel, Lucas, and Detective Caiden head out to go to the patient advocacy office to see if they can find out any information on the homeless man the Byakhee has been manipulating. The three of them meet up with Abigail, a pleasant older woman in charge of the patient advocacy office. Caiden asks her if there are any reports of mental patients escaping the hospital. Abigail is reluctant to share the information without a warrant due to patient confidentially laws but Abel swoons her with a subtle display of his manly muscles and deft flattery. She returns with a list of missing persons and the description of one of them matches the details of their mumbling homeless man.

The report lists the mystery man as one Cal Lensman, an escaped patient from the Hutching’s Psychiatric Center in Syracuse. Happy to have finally found his identity the group is discouraged by the thought of the drive or awkward phone call needed to get more answers. Abigail points out that they have teleconferencing equipment set up in a nearby room and that she can connect them to the psychiatric center directly. A few phone calls later and a conference is set up with Mr. Lensman’s doctor at Hutchings who is relieved to finally have some current information into the whereabouts of his missing patient.

Dr. Cal Lensman was once a respected anthropologist and archaeologist fond of making documentaries about his expeditions to remote and mysterious dig sites. Everything changed during his last trip to South America. He discovered something ancient and evil and came back wrong. He became obsessed with a strange yellow symbol and the story of a lost city called Carcosa. When his obsession became detrimental to his health he was committed to the psychiatric center and put on a comprehensive drug regimen. The medication seemed to help for a time. His obsession lessened and he was able to function with a degree of normalcy. But as the story of Carcosa grew in his mind Dr. Lensman stopped taking his medications and sank into madness. His rambling thoughts covered the walls of his room and he reached a point beyond saving. Then one day he was gone with no sign of how he managed to escape.

Detective Caiden tells the doctor a sanitized version of what they know about Dr. Lensman’s current condition and activities in New York City and that they’ll contact him again as soon as he is found. With the conference over the trio head back to Hyde’s room and hope for good news.

While the boys were out Ayuko started her healing of Hyde. She slowly flooded his body with restorative magic, undoing the damage the virus had caused and completely erasing it from his system. The results were immediately apparent as Hyde’s body relaxed and his breathing returned to normal. After the boys had returned and explained what they had learned at the patient advocacy office Ayuko woke up Hyde.

After a heartfelt welcome back to sanity Hyde explains what happened to him after he was infected. He says that he was trapped inside his mind and could do nothing but watch as something alien took control of his body and made him do and say all of the terrible things that he did. Hyde was able to touch the mind of the possessing force and discover that he was used to set a trap for everyone at the hospital and that it was about to be sprung.

Abel leaves the hospital to help Quinn in his hunt for Dr. Lensman and the Byakhee’s minions in the sewers.

Lucas uses what little time he has left to inscribe runes of protection on everyone present and places a ward on the room that will alert them if anything supernatural enters it. Moments later gunshots can be heard from the lower floors and a message goes out over the PA system saying that at least two dozen active shooters have invaded the hospital and are working their way up floor by floor killing everyone in their path.

Hyde demands to help and refuses to stay in the room while the hospital is under attack. Jaime gives him his Sig P226 and spare magazines. No one questions him on why he has an illegal concealed carry pistol; I guess it wasn’t the time.

Ayuko says she has a plan to neutralize the attackers but that she has to get to one of the nurse’s stations to use the PA system. All of a sudden a tall shape in yellow robes appears in the corner of the room and everyone turns to look at it. The Byakhee is startled for a moment as it realizes that everyone can see it. Lucas tells everyone to run, that he will fight the Byakhee alone. Jaime stays to help fight and lightning begins to wreath his hands and arms as the room prepares for combat.

Lucas lunges at the Byakhee, leaping over furniture before impaling it with his spear. Jaime stabs the Byakhee in the back with his stiletto to no effect. Lucas pulls his spear free and dodges the Byakhee’s attacks with contemptible ease. Jaime tosses the knife and switches to punches and kicks which seem to do some damage though the Byakhee seems immune to his electricity. After a few more rounds of traded blows the Byakhee knows it’s in trouble and turns to flee. Jaime jumps on its back and gets the Byakhee in a headlock. In a panic the Byakhee bursts through the window and starts to fly away with Jaime still clinging to its back.

Lucas moves to the far wall and prepares to throw his spear. With all his might Lucas hurls himself out of the window and launches the spear at the Byakhee. As the Byakhee struggles to get Jaime off of him Jaime gives the Byakhee’s head a powerful twist and breaks its neck. Seeing Lucas’ spear hurtling towards him Jaime lets go of the Byakhee’s body and the spear slams into it moments later. Lucas flies up shortly after it and grabs the Byakhee and the spear and slams them both onto the top of a police car in the street below, completely destroying it. The body of the Byakhee slow dissolves and evaporates away.

As Lucas and Jaime dust themselves off and admire their accomplishment they realize that they’ve drawn quite the crowd. Dozens of people are standing around taking pictures of them and tweeting what they just saw. Capitalizing on a moment to create some positive publicity Lucas tells the crowd that they just witnessed a fight scene for a new movie he’s filming. Everyone agrees that the special effects are fantastic. He encourages them to spread the word on Facebook and YouTube. Lucas and Jaime become overnight internet celebrities.

As Ayuko, Naomi, Caiden, and Hyde head for the stairs the sound of gunfire continues to ring out throughout the hospital. Their goal is the nurse’s station on the floor below. Things are going well for them until they make it to the bottom of the stairs to the second floor. A disheveled man wielding a shotgun opens the door and shoots Caiden in the chest at point-blank range; he crumples to the ground. Seeing this, Ayuko draws her katana from out of thin air, leaps over the heads of the people in front of her and slams her sword into the chest of the shooter, pushing him back through the doorway. The man struggles feebly to remove the sword as Hyde puts two rounds into the man’s head.

Naomi leaps through the doorway, her CZ75 pistol drawn. As she continues on her arcing jump she aims at another shooter and fires. The man drops to the ground. Hyde and Ayuko help Caiden to his feet; his ballistic vest saved his life but left him winded. Caiden grabs the dead man’s shotgun with a renewed look of determination.

The nurse’s station is in sight half way down the hall, all they have to do is get to it and this nightmare will be over. At the far end of the hall the elevator opens and three gunmen step out. Upon seeing the group the gunmen raise their weapons and prepare to fire. Heedless of the danger Ayuko starts sprinting at full speed towards the nurse’s station while the rest of the group returns fire.

The first gunman fires on Ayuko but misses. The shot nearly hits Hyde and he dives for cover. Naomi and Caiden fire on the gunmen killing one and injuring the other. Ayuko leaps the desk and delivers an ultimatum to the entire hospital. All those attacking the hospital are to immediately lay down their weapons and surrender. As soon as the final word leaves her lips the remaining shooters freeze in place, motionless. Her command is absolute but at odds with the force demanding they attack, leaving them frozen in inaction. Moments later the gunmen collapse to the floor unconscious as the Byakhee that was ordering them is killed.

Besides those that they killed none of the gunmen’s victims had life threatening injuries so Ayuko uses all of her strength to cure 14 of the 15 surviving shooters of their virus so that they can never be controlled again. After treatment they are rounded up and sent off for interrogation. With the hospital crawling with law enforcement the group makes their exit.

Preparing for battle, Quin whips his roach army into a blood frenzy, delivering grand inspirational speeches to the troops with his lloigor and badger at his side. As his preparations finish Abel joins up with him and they enter into the sewer network together. Abel focuses on destroying Hastur’s yellow sign that his minions had painted on the tunnel walls while Quin orders his roach horde to find Dr. Lensman and kill him as well as anyone that stands in their way. A black wave flows down the tunnels as hundreds of thousands of cockroaches search for their prize. Eventually they come across the first of the Byakhee’s minions and the roaches eat them alive, swarming over their bodies, invading every orifice, and devouring them from the inside out. As they slowly make their way through the tunnels they finally reach the Byakhee’s lair.

At the far wall of the room Dr. Lensman finishes drawing the final symbol that will summon Hastur into the World. He turns to the pair in triumph and laughs. Hastur materializes around Lensman and tendrils of darkness snake out him and start seeking their way towards Abel and Quin. The sight of such an otherworldly horror breaks something in Quin’s mind and he cannot rest until this unspeakable evil is destroyed. No retreat, no surrender. Having faced this terror before and overcome it Abel resists the madness that is Hastur.

With a deafening roar the roach horde swarms past them and towards Hastur. The shadowy tendrils make short work, flattening the roaches to the floor of the sewer by the tens of thousands. In mere moments the army is routed and the survivors retreat, their fighting spirit broken.

Abel seizes upon the distraction caused by the death of the roaches to bend fate to his will. He throws a rock at the far wall and upon hitting it a large crack forms that slow spreads towards the final summoning symbol. When the crack reaches the symbol and starts to move through it the form of Hastur fades slightly revealing Dr. Lensman still inside.

Finished with the roaches the tendrils move to attack. With the opening blow Quin’s badger is torn to pieces. Abel narrowly avoids the second attack and fires off a shot from his Desert Eagle and damages the summoning symbol and diminishes Hastur further. Abel realizes that his gun can’t damage the symbol fast enough before they’re all slaughtered so he begins an all-or-nothing charge past the tendrils and Hastur to attack the symbol directly.

One of the tendrils strikes the lloigor but only succeeds in making it angrier. Quin mounts the beast and orders it to charge. With short swords drawn he lets loose a battle cry and makes his final charge. Abel manages to slip past the tendrils and deliver a mighty blow to the summoning symbol. The symbol and surrounding wall are destroyed causing the form of Hastur to fade away leaving a stunned Dr. Lensman in its place. As the lloigor nears its target Quin leaps off its back, short swords raised, and plunges them down into Dr. Lensman’s chest, killing him instantly.

As a weary pair of warriors make their way back to the Moonlight Sonata they are greeted with a victory feast made by the rest of the group while they waited for their return, and they celebrated long into the night.

This was Lars’ Interpretation

So ends Story 1: Ramblings of a Mad Man.

The River of Doubt 1
Story 2 - Session 1

Three weeks have passed since the conclusion of the “Hastur Incident” and the players are still dealing with the effects left by the Yellow King’s awakening and his subsequent defeat.

The viral outbreak caused by the Byahkee (servants of Hastur) has stirred up fears in Washington. Naomi Weaver is in D.C. attending Congressional hearings by the Senate Sub Committee on Global Emerging Infectious Disease Preparedness and Response, the CDC and the DOD Global Emerging Infectious Surveillance Response System Unit. The authorities are trying to come to grips with the virus’s sudden emergence and what that could mean for the world.

Naomi has done little to assuage the committee’s fears that the virus is manmade and without the aid of Ayuko, who disappeared suddenly after the incidents conclusion that is unlikely to change.

For Lucas and Jaime, the case isn’t over yet. Carl Lensman may be dead but his story isn’t over. Lucas can’t let the case rest; something is nagging at him to see this through to the end, to find the origins of the case and end any future chance for Hastur to return.
Lensman was a victim of Hastur and everything began in the Heart of the South American Amazon along the River of Doubt but little is known about Lensman’s journey. The police found nothing in his room at the Syracuse Hospital and all of Lensman’s research materials have been seized by Lloyd’s of America as the official announcement of Lensman’s death was made by the NY Police.

The planning and preparation for the trip appeared to have been handled exclusively by Lensman meaning that with his death, the ins and outs of his journey have been lost. Lucas hopes that maybe something remains at Lensman’s home that will hint at his trip into the Amazon and give him and Jaime the edge they need to plan a successful trip to the River of Doubt.

Thus in this session Lucas and Jaime rented a car and drove to Essex County Massachusetts where the home of Lensman rests isolated along a long country road miles from his Alma Mata, Miskatonic University. Along the way, both listened to the latest news on the hearings in D.C. and learned that their friend and ally Naomi Weaver was still giving testimony at the hearings before congress and had not convinced them that the virus was not the work of man.

Approaching the house, the two pulled off to the side of the road and did the best they could to make the vehicle appear disabled, giving Jaime and Lucas a chance to walk the rest of the way to the house at the end of the road allowing them a small amount of stealth.

The house, which is being prepared for an estate sale, is a large single level modern colonial. For a man like Lensman, it seems far beyond his means.

After a short time investigating the area for signs of anyone’s presence , the two scions began searching the house for a means of entering. Choosing an out of the way entrance on the far side of the house close to the garage. Jaime successfully broke the lock and the two entered the home.

Meanwhile, Abel entered a small dinner in NY’s east side to grab a cup of coffe. There he met Alpha the leader of “The WALL” and several other team members within the unit.

In an attempt to foster a more direct and professional union between the government and the Scions, “The WALL” offered Abel a job with the NSA backed unit, which he excepted. The large bump in pay was also nice. Now dubbed Romeo, “The WALL” detailed their next mission to Abel and the reason behind his sudden recruitment. The unit intends to go to South America and find the source of the virus and the threat known as “H”.

Alpha and his men left quickly and ordered Abel to meet them at their safe house the next day at 0800.

Alone, Abel dialed up Lucas knowing he had been looking into the situation that abel was now about to embark on.

Lucas answers the phone while entering the home of Lensman. With a slip of the tongue, Lucas says to much and references the virus, Lensman and breaking and entering in a single sentence. With the government determined to find the cause of the virus, Lucas’ words are a red flag and Abel informs them that the call is likely being monitored and flagged by the NSA as they speak.

Lucas and Jaime end the conversation with Abel now fully aware that they are on a time line. They must search the home in less than ten minutes or face law enforcement. Quickly they enter the house proper from the laundry room they broke in through and are met with a magical barrier that brings them for a moment to their knees. Someone of something placed a magical barrier on the house, and by entering they triggered something. Lucas and Jaime are in trouble.

As Jaime and Lucas contend with their current situation, Abel is confronted by another individual while at the Diner. A man in his late 40s, he’s a big and tall man who carries himself well and is dressed like a stereotypical government man. He sits with Abel without waiting for approval and grabs a cup of coffee.

He introduces himself as George Black also known as “Bookman”, he’s a CIA agent under the Office of National Clandestine Services. His card says he is the Chief of Europe Division though he admits that’s a BS cover.

He knows Abel was recruited by “The WALL” he also knows that Abel is something special and has helped stop several major threats in the city citing several past campaigns of the players’. Bookman wishes Abel good luck on his trip to SA and hands him a memory card and tells him that the CIA looks forward to working with him and trusts he will do the right thing.

Thus ends session one

The River of Doubt 2
Story 2 - Session 2

In this short session, Alexus made a visit to the bank Jormungand, which is a German bank in the heart of New York setup to cater to the exceptionally wealth and powerful. Alexus has used this bank and its leadership to fence the spoils of her various exploits.

Upon entering the bank, Alexus was greeted by a teller named Victor Lenko, a long time caterer to the wealthy at the bank. He recognizes Alexus and welcomes her to the establishment.

At the bank, Alexus asks to see her personal lock box in the banks special clients section, a posh area design to meet the most powerful client’s needs, and to see the bank’s manager.

Within her lock box is a bag of gems, enough to put a down payment on enough land in upper NY to create a home for the remaining victims of Hastur.

With her gems in hand, Alexus left the vault with Victor to meet with the bank manager.

Fiora Hemmingway is the bank’s manager and a long time business associate of Alexus. Fiora is the main fence for Alexus’s large and more difficult heists.

At the meeting, Fiora is joined by Victor and Fiora’s lawyer Jonathan York. The meeting is pleasant enough and the bank is receptive to Alexus’s plan to purchase land.

In exchange for the gems, which are valued at $25 million, and the promise of completing a mission for the bank, Jormungand agrees to purchase the land on Alexus’s behalf, valued at $50 million and to create a $100 million medical trust fund to be used in creating and funding the medical campus Alexus will create at the site of the bank.

The land purchase is expected to take two months to complete.

While this was going on, Quinn was surveying the planned land purchase area, specifically the old mining town that remains in the community.

The area, which was believed to be uninhabited, is actually home to Dwarves who live within the mine and representing them is the dwarf Dunkirk the solemn.

The Dwarves don’t like the idea of sick people moving into the area, but after promising to buy the mine and giving the deed to the Dwarves, the Dwarves agree to help build the shelter.

In addition, the players also agreed to give the Dwarves the mining rights to the area and to protect them from outside threats.

Thus ends session two


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