Scion: Legacy

The River of Doubt 10
Story 2 - Session 10

This Session begins with the team beginning their journey southward to bypass the dense jungle eastward.

The journey will take anywhere from 3 to 5 days and take them directly into the jungle controlled by the red Ribbon Army.

The first day goes smoothly until evening arrives and the team’s base camp is setup. Several entry control points are made by Rendon’s men to secure the perimeter.

By day break it becomes clear that one of the security teams composed of three men has disappeared. The radio silence in affect to prevent militia forces from finding the camp made it easy for the standalone team to disappear without immediately alerting the camp.

Rendon alerts Jamie and Alexus of the incident and asks for their help investigating the area for any traces of the team. Nothing is found, the team seemingly disappeared into thin air. Even with all of their preternatural abilities, neither Jamie or Alexus can track the attackers or team. With all normal means proving ineffective, Alexus uses magic to track the lost soldiers.

The spell is effective and creates a magical thread for her to follow.

After some debate between the players and Rendon, its decided that the team’s fasted members; Lucas, Jamie and Alexus, should follow the thread and figure out what is at its end before whatever it is comes back.

Before departing, the search party prepares for whatever is at the thread’s end by preparing their boons. Lucas prepares his magic for the trip and casts a spell to trade fates with everyone in the Scion band, meaning their bad luck is given to him and Lucas’ good goes to them.

Flying above the tree tops the three reach their destination in a couple of hours.

What they find is ten of the monstrous frog creatures and ten human natives of the tribe that serves Hastur, and they know the players are there. As the attack begins, half the monsters flee into the jungle for unknown reasons.

The ensuing battle, is long and fierce. The fight is squarely on the side of the monsters until Jamie realizes that the Elder Sign is not a static defense. To work, the Elder Sign must be brandished. Using this newfound understanding of the symbol, both Jamie and Alexus defeat two of the monsters each leaving the largest of the beasts for Lucas.

Lucas unwilling to use the Elder Sign fights the monster at its full strength and after suffering injury, finally slays the monster.

Victorious, the three begin to regroup but soon find themselves surrounded on all sides by a rag tag group of 75 soldiers, the Red Ribbon Army.

Attracted by the sounds of battle, the Army made for the player’s battleground. The group is broken and hungry, the scars of battle are easily seen on their faces as they eye the players down their rifle sights.

They ran towards Alexus’ gunfire hoping to find an army but instead found three individuals alone in the jungle amidst the dead monsters.

The realization that the players likely defeated the monsters lying at their feet has made the Red Ribbon soldiers more frightened than ever before.

Before the standoff could became a firefight, the leader of the rebels, a man named Matheus, orders weapons down.

Jamie speaks to Matheus and learns that the Army is in the region to hunt the tribesman that seemingly worship Hastur. These tribesman use diamonds in all their clothing, meaning they have a large stockpile at their village and the Red Ribbon wants them.

they also realize the players could be their only hope of getting out of the village alive and want their help.

They won’t get.

The three Scions want the soldiers dead for all of the terrible things they have done but Lucas’ Geas makes it impossible for the warrior hero to attack the army without provocation.

Alexus provides the necessary push when she disappears into the woods and begins to fire a rifle into the jungle putting all the soldiers on heightened alert, she then moves into the jungle behind Lucas and fires at the Red Ribbon commander, shooting his leg off.

Having seen their leader killed, shot from the direction of the players, they open fire.

The ensuing onslaught is quick and the players are victorious. The Red Ribbon soldiers of the Roosevelt reservation are dead.

The players return to the expedition’s camp sight and inform Rendon of what happened. The team then sets out again on their journey.

Thus ends sessions 10

The River of Doubt 9
Story 2 - Session 9

The session begins with Alexus fully disguised as one of the accountants for the mining camp. Using her skills as a thief and master of disguise she successfully infiltrated the camps main administrative compound and has been searching for records on the camp and it’s operations. Aiding Alexus has been Jamie who at a distance has been providing a measure of technical and computer support to the thief.

After some time searching the hard drives of the compound, Alexus discovered enough incriminating evidence to allow the government of Brazil to act legally or for the Brazilian Signal Corp under Rendon to act directly militarily due to the convoy attack which occurred the day before. This information was sent by Alexus to Jamie for his review and storage via Jamie’s powerful relic computer.

Jamie, acting on his own, took the info and made a call to the illusive “Wise Guy,” a Titan spawn information broker from New York. The players each owe some restitution to the Titan for information provided to the players over several missions helping the players take out the New York pharmaceutical company that was responsible for reverse engineering captured Joten blood and creating Titan infused super soldier merc.

Jamie, wanting remove his portion of the debt, sent the info Alexus captured to the wise guy in an effort to assuage the Titan. It’s not enough however. The “Wise Guy” wants the diamonds that he believes are on site and Jamie agrees to get them for him.

To get the diamonds, Jamie needs Alexus’ help. Offering 25% of the cut to the thief, they make the deal and through further investigation, while avoiding detection by camp personnel, Alexus finds that the camp does possess a hardened bunker for storing their spoils.

With a general idea of where the diamonds are stored, Alexus observes the camp personnel and decides to take the identity of a miner to better move around the camp. Eventually Alexus notices a returning group of miners moving quickly into the convoy under guard. They appear agitated and excited, they found gold in the waters running through the red clay they mine for diamonds and they want to secure what was discovered before the camp guards decide that the miners are hiding some of the newly discovered gold and have the miners killed.

Alexus smoothly falls in with the miners and follows along with them through two security check points before reaching the north eastern sector of the camp. While moving, Alexus confirms that the miners found gold and diamonds and are returning a considerable fortune to the masters. Once they arrive the miners grow increasingly distraught. The guards laugh and joke about what will happen to the miners if they are hiding anything and the guards begin a search of all the miners.

Alexus, who is disguised as a man, avoids being discovered as she is kicked to her knees and searched with a gun to her head. Another miner is not so lucky, the man was hiding a small pellet of gold and in an act of cruelty, the guards coldly execute him on the spot with a single bullet to the back of the head.

This evil triggers Alexus to action and she makes a call to all the players that it’s time to make themselves known and to kill the guards.

While this is happening, Quinn has begun a plan to destroy the camp’s mining equipment at the jungle spirit’s request to pay off his debt for his new minion. He told no one in the scion band of his plans so they are oblivious of Quinn’s impending attack.

Quinn launches his attack, unleashing his three minions on the mine. Workers and guards flee in absolute terror at the monsters charge and the mine is destroyed in moments.

Moments after Alexus orders the attack. Alex lands like a meteor in the heart of the compound and attacks. Ayuko using her cloak walks into the camp terrorizing the miners and guards with the black abyss enshrouding her.

In 5 minutes the compound is clear of everyone but the players, the bunker is breached and the diamonds, gold and petty cash are seized.

Jamie also learns of Quinn’s attack and discovers that his plan to turn the camp over to the wise guy is not going according to plan, with the mining equipment gone, the camp’s use is severally diminished.

More than $70 million in diamonds is recovered for the “Wise Guy” and it’s enough to clear Jamie’s debt. $5 million in gold is taken by Alex and millions more in gold is distributed to the players.

With wealth in hand, the players return to Rendon’s base camp and prepare for the morning journey up the Rio Roosevelt. Quinn journeys to the jungle spirit and fulfills his debt.

In the morning the mission continues up the river. Quinn uses the river ride to talk to corporal Paiva, a member of the Cinta Larga tribe. The corporal doesn’t know a lot about the specific legends of the Larga but explains in a bit more detail the tribes ancient stories about battling the frog God. The corporal agrees to introduce the players to the Cinta Larga tribal leader who would know more about the ancient legends.

The rest of the travel is uneventful as the army reaches the northern shores of the river and begins to forge forward through the jungle to the next available launch point for the team’s watercraft, beyond the growing Rapids that impede the teams progress along the river.

As the team moves forward through the jungle. Alex hears distant rifle fire in the direction the team is moving. Jamie is notified of the gunfire and asked to scout ahead of the expedition to observe and report.

Jamie begins his sprint through the jungle and as he approaches the sounds of battle he can make out an increasingly desperate fight.

Through the trees he can see groups of men firing from defensive positions at hunched and malformed beings of growing red eyes and amphibious features. These beings are attacking and winning.

By the time Jamie arrives at the battle zone the fight is over. The creatures have disappeared but their cries can be heard from the forest. Dozens of broken bodies litter the area, their blood indistinguishable from the red clay of the mine they were protecting.

Jamie reports what he sees and an investigation of the area reveals the footprints of webbed feet. These are without a doubt the frog creature servants to the frog God spoken of by the original Rendon expedition.

While investigating, Jamie is surprised by a group of armed men drawn by the sounds of battle. They get the drop on him and open fire. The leader of the attackers, Vaz, stays the group’s hand preventing the situation from breaking down. They mistook Jamie as one of the attackers that slaughtered the defenders but upon seeing the broken bodies it became obvious he was not responsible.

Vaz is panicked through the introductions and fears the enemies will return soon. He claims the old legends must be true and that the Cinta Larga are in real danger. He begs Jamie to follow him and his men to the Larga village and warns that Jamie and his team cannot progress northward. The area is no longer safe and is patrolled by whatever the strange beasts are. Jamie informs Alex and Rendon of the village, the attack and the fact that the northern path they are taking is unsafe. Jamie leaves with Vaz and instructs the team to meet at the village.

Upon arrival at the village, the tribesman are informed of the incredible Loss of life and the village begins mourning their loss. Vaz introduces Jamie to the village elder and makes it clear that he wants in on whatever the outsider is planning.

The meeting with the elder is very informative. Jamie learns that the northern area has been eclipsed by an inky blackness that is a physical shield. Whatever lies beyond the veil is seeping Out and beginning to infect the surrounding area. The plant life and animal life has changed and are hostile. The Byahkee is known by the Larga and so is its poison
And that there are thousands in the northern forests. Jamie gets confirmation that the Cinta Larga do have old stories from their ancestors that speak of coming from a distant world and battling the yellow king and that the king’s servant, the frog king followed the Cinta Larga to this world.

Jamie is also gifted with the elder sign, a symbol the Larga claim is the only thing capable of stopping the elder ones.

With this info, Jamie contacts Lloyd’s of America and asks for all the information available on the elder sign. He learns that the Clock Tower is aware of the symbol and learned of it from a magus named waver Velvet who participated in a magical tournament called the Holy Grail war years before. Waver fought with a summoned magician in the war who controlled a book called the necronomicon which allowed him to summon beings and servants of the old ones. Waver researched this book and the madness it led to and his research led to tales of the elder sign. Between the church and the clock tower battling these unknowable beings the elder sign was proven effective.

When the rest of the Scions and Rendon arrive it’s decided that the players can no longer keep everything about their journey secret from the Brazilian forces. Ayuko, using her powers of death draw the ghosts of the newly dead Cinta Larga together and brings them to the village. Using their boons and the spirits of the dead, the players force the Brazilians and Cinta Larga to accept the crazy tale of the yellow king. So well did they sell their story that everyone wants to fight to save the world from the yellow king Hastur. Everyone comes together and at the orders of the players, the village begins carving and painting elder signs into everything and Ayuko begins imbuing the soldier’s weapons with legend preparing them for the coming battle.

Plans are made to push south for two days to avoid the monsters prowling north and to bypass the thick impassible jungle to the team’s east. Then push north to their target. This detour will place the team into territory controlled by the red ribbon army but it is the only path available.

The player’s have made their plans and are preparing for the final battle ahead.

Thus ends session 9

The River of Doubt 8
Story 2 - Session 8

The session starts off with the recovery of the dead and wounded at the convoy and the extraction of the casualties back to the nearest base. The CDC doctors who survived the ambush and who were healed by Ayuko are coming to terms with what happened and the fact that the supernatural actually exist. At this point Ayuko comes clean with the incident in New York and the source of the trigger event for the virus. The lead doctor asks Ayuko if the CDC team is even needed since the threat is supernatural based and Ayuko replies that while the trigger is supernatural in nature, the virus itself is not supernatural and is in fact something that’s part of the human gene code.

She says to the team lead that she and here team will deal with the supernatural aspect, the CDC team can collect samples and study both in field and at a medical facility the dormant virus and find a way to change the programming. They will be responsible for developing a cure/program that would change the virus to completely shut down or develop another activation trigger, thus negating the supernatural source.

As this is happening Major Rodeno is both directing the extraction while at the same time conversing with his superiors that this mission needs to continue. Once the dead and wounded were extracted, the convoy headed deeper in to the jungle and after a few hours reached the start of the river that will take them deeper into the reservation.

Once the convoy reached the landing, a perimeter was set up by the Brazilian security force and everyone dismounts for the night. It was this time that Jaime and Lucas heads over to the dock, dragging a cooler filled with beer, and starts fishing. One of the members of the security force joins the two scions and make small conversation congratulating them on keeping a cool head in the firefight as well as fishing (I made a funny) for personal information about Jaime and Lucas. Eventually the Brazilian security member is called away by his CO and Jaime decides he’s done with fishing. Both Jaime and Lucas then turn over their combined catch and split up.

Jaime heads over to the store on the dock and asks the elderly proprietors if they happen to have any local holistic medicines. The proprietor does have some in stock. As these are being gathered, Jaime talks to the proprietors wife about the local news and also the local dangers. He also asks about any info about the things in the forest that the local people were warned to stay away from when they were kids. At first the proprietor and his wife are not forthcoming, but he’s able to convince them that he’s familiar with the supernatural and that the Brazilian security contingent are tribal members from this region and that the leader is Maj. Rodeno. They open up and explain that they do not know much but that when the convoy starts heading down the river into the reservation, that they will be greeted by one of the tribal elders who will have more knowledge about the ‘forbidden things’.

Jaime thanks the couple and pays for the local medicines. He then goes over to the WALL contingent and has an off mic conversation with Alpha. Jaime explains that he has some info in a Word doc that he needs to read and asks if he has a secured email. Alpha gives it but warns Alpha that as soon as that info hits his mail box, that it will almost be certain that both the NSA and CIA will have copied the info and be poring over it to find out what’s in it and how to develop a situation to exploit it. Jaime understands this, but he mentions that Alpha has stated in the past that the WALL was formed by the US government to compile info and find methods to combat the supernatural. He’s willing to do his part to help out the people who have helped him and Lucas in the past.

Overall the conversation goes well and Jaime uploads the Word doc and sent it off to Alpha’s secured in box. (Note: The info in the Word doc is heavily sanitized to prevent readers from going insane by coming into contact with the most current recently gathered knowledge of the cult of Hastur, the existence of the Old Ones/Great Old Ones and the Yellow Sign. The Word doc also contains an overall and individual account of what occurred during the Yellow Sign story ark while omitting the names of the scion band except for Able, Jaime, Lucas, and Ayuko.

Jaime also inserted macros and links within various words and paragraphs with a pop up notes that if the reader needs more clarification that he needs to make contact with Jaime, Able, Lucas, and Ayuko. Jaime further wrote that more information about the supernatural will be more forthcoming as more research is done.)

It was during this time that Quinn decides to explore the surrounding environment and try to see if he can interact with the local wildlife to obtain more info about this area. It was during this time he met an Amazonian otter and carried on a conversation. He eventually is able to convince it that he’s friendly and wants to know if he would like to go with him. The otter is till kind of hesitant and explains that Quinn would need to talk to the Otter spirit to gain permission.

Quinn acknowledges this and both he and the otter heads off deeper into the wilderness. It takes less than an hour, but he comes to a small river bank and is introduced to the Otter spirit. The spirit recognizes that Quinn is a son of the Gods and gives Quinn permission to take on the little otter as a companion. The price she demands is that he must find a kill the humans that are destroying the forest.

After Quinn asks for more questions, he’s given a full story that the humans are in fact outsiders that are running and illegal logging camp 20 miles into the forest and are clear cutting the area. Quinn makes this promise and thus gains a new companion. Quinn is quickly able to leave the forest and is able to round up the band and explains the situation. Through a group consensus, they agree to help fulfill his obligation to the Otter spirit. The scene ends with Jaime radioing Alpha explaining that the group will be going dark for a couple hours and he’ll tell Alpha what happened during that time when they get back.

The River of Doubt 7
Story 2 - Session 7

The players have at last arrive in South America aboard a C-130J Super Hercules controlled by the 317th Airlift Group, 40th Airlift Squadron “Screaming Eagles” from Dyess Air Force Base, Texas. With little fanfare the players have arrived in the city of Espigão do Oeste.

Along for the ride are 100 CDC personnel under the command of Dr. Faun, a leading virologist and longtime field doctor. Thirteen members of the Wall Spec Ops team are also on board acting as security for the CDC team and undercover as members of the U.S. Army’s 7th Special Forces Group.

Upon arrival, the players were met by their Brazilian medical and military counterparts including Maj. Teodoro Tomas Rendon, 17th Jungle Infantry Brigade, Rondonia Frontier Command/ 6th Jungle Infantry Battalion, 23rd Jungle Signals Company commander, Aspirant Officer Odete Moreira, 23rd JSC signal officer, Second Sgt. Gian Luca Pereira, 23rd JSC command Sgt., Corporal Ventura Paiva, 23rd JSC infantry man and member of the Cinta Larga Tribe and Dr. Beatriz Carrico, Brazilian medical liaison for the operation and an old colleague of Ayuko, both met during a bacterial scare 10 years ago in Brazil.

The current plan is to deploy the CDC personnel at the local university that has the facilities to contain and research a viral threat while a CDC field team led by Ayuko and Brazilian Army medics along with a Brazilian military unit acts as protection.

Before the operation can begin, the players and NPCs are invited by the city’s mayor to a dinner party celebrating the American/Brazilian joint operation. The party is nothing more than a political stunt by the mayor for his upcoming reelection but it does offer the players a chance to relax and get to know their South American collegues and discuss battle strategy.

As morning comes the players mount up in up armored Humvees provided by the Brazilian Army and make their way to the city of Ji-Paraná in an armored convoy under the guard of 80 members of the 23rd JSC.

In order to reach the Roosevelt Reservation, the area indicated by Kermit as being the location of the evil he and his party discovered, the party must travel with all their supplies to the Rio Roosevelt and then board boats to travel downriver until the rapids make travel by water impossible and forces them to finish their journey on foot.

Getting to the river is no simple task the province of Rondonian is in chaos, illegal mining and forestry operations have sprung up everywhere and each is its own militia force fighting off government, leftist revolutionaries and other business interests with violence. Leftist militias wage guerrilla war and the military runs counterinsurgency operations against both. The easiest route to the river is through the city of Ji-Paraná and through the deforested lands surrounding it.

Traveling along the areas one major highway for 50 miles, BR-364, the convoy eventually goes off road along several illegally constructed back country roads taking the players into the heart of an operational lumbering company.

What was a simple drive quickly goes south as the convoy’s presence triggers a violent response by the illegal lumber workers who are fearful that the players are a part of a government crack down on illegal forestry operations.

In a brazen attack, the convoy is ambushed and stalled by machine gun and RPG fire. The players, using their powers, help the Brazilian Army forces successfully repel the attack without drawing attention to their abilities.

Though surrounded and outgunned, the players protect a majority of the convoy, only six people were KIA the rest are walking wounded. two of the KIA are members of Ayuko’s CDC field team, Doctors Allen and Conner, the other members, Doctors Farmer, Kabel and Cameron were wounded but recovered thanks to Ayuko’s powers.

After recovery teams successfully recover the bodies of the dead. the team sets out again for the Rio Roosevelt.

Thus ends session seven

The River of Doubt 6
Story 2 - Session 6

Session six revealed a great deal of plot and information critical to the player’s mission. Beginning in the National Archives in D.C., the story continues with the newly summoned spirit of Kermit Roosevelt answering the questions of Ayuko who used her powers over death to summon his spirit.

Kermit is willing to speak about the Rondon-Roosevelt Expedition down the River of Doubt but even in death, the memories of what he saw during the journey still eat away at his sanity.

After briefly discussing his meeting with Candido Rondon, the leader of the South American expedition team, Kermit began to recount his journey down the river and one particular event that changed everything.

The expedition encountered several tribesmen along the river two weeks into the journey. They wore large brown leather belts common to a tribe Rondon met during previous expeditions. He called this tribe the Cinta Larga, an uncontacted tribe that was believed to be involved in cannibalism and other depraved acts.

At first the natives did nothing but three days later the party was attacked along the shores by a group of men emerging from the waters draped in moss and river plants giving them the appearance of sea monsters.

Most of the hired labor screamed in fear, crying out “MAMAINDE,” while others screamed “TSATHOGGUA” as the natives attacked. Many fled, attempting to cross the river to the other side while father and son, along with Candido Rondon, charged forward. At the time, Kermit didn’t know what TSATHOGGUA or MAMAINDE meant but it sent chills down his spine.

Ayuko however, was able to translate “MAMAINDE” from its alien language. It means “Servant of the King.”

As Kermit and the others continued their charge, the tribe attacked from shore with bows and spears and Kermit’s compatriots began firing at them with rifles.

Two of the creatures were killed and the rest fled back into the jungle. Upon closer inspection their skin was discovered to be oily and slick with an indistinguishable substance like the skin of an amphibian. They wore chakra and other strange symbols under the moss.
Kermit restored the original sketches in his journal with the help of the journal’s spirit so Ayuko could see the symbols. These symbols included the Yellow Sign, sign of Tsathoggua and various other babbles and trinkets.

Kermit continues his story. Parties were dispatched to assess the threat and they saw more of the tribesman with belts, they were fired upon and fled, but Kermit never felt they were a threat. They seemed concerned, scared even, but not of the explorers.

The party continued their travels inland for some time, roughly six miles, before coming upon a stone circle with strange geometries that could only be known by the terrible thing that crafted it. The area seemed to glow and reality clouded and twisted the explorer’s minds. Kermit, his father and Rondon failed to grasp what they saw and even now Kermit cannot fathom the queerness of the corruption poisoning their minds. Roosevelt himself declared the party doomed and that whatever made this was not of God’s creation.

Strange pillars of unknown construction surrounded the stone circle resonating with the party’s minds and among the pillars were disgusting statues and carvings of men and beasts engaged in immoral acts of lust. Except for one statue which drew Kermit too it.

Kermit, an amateur artist, took his tools out and sketched the terrible visage of the unearthly creatures carved in black obsidian. The statue is that of Hastur in his yellow robe with tentacles raised around him and Tsathoggua sitting before him.

Even in death Kermit shudders at the memories.

“Even in death I am not permitted to forget Carcosa and its ebony shores, to escape the Yellow King’s watch.”

A terrible howl of unearthly origin then sounded, and the deep breathing of a massive beast filled the jungle soon followed by the chanting of inhuman things watching from the shadows.

“We fell into despair certain the devil was here to take us, but tribesman rushed from the forest and pulled us away and brought us to our senses. We foolishly shot at them as much as we did the darkness around us certain they were just as guilty.”

Kermit made it to the river and rejoined the group and pushed forward because the rapids were too powerful to turn back.

What Kermit saw never left him, the symbols ate at him and he could not stop sketching the terrible writings he saw until he at last put a bullet into his brain.

With his story concluded, Kermit pointed to a location on the map indicating the location of the stone circle and returned to eternity giving Ayuko a final warning that she would do well to leave all of this behind her.

The reporter, who was all but forgotten during the discussion with Kermit, returned to her senses after being exposed to the madness of Kermit’s story. She wants nothing to do with the players any longer and parts ways but not before giving Ayuko and Naomi some additional information.

The town closes to the site Kermit pointed to, Espigão d’Oeste, is locked down due to the paramilitary activity in the area. The Brazilian Army and Air Force are patrolling the area. Government and paramilitary forces are fighting it out along the Rio Roosevelt and the various tribes are caught in the middle.

Ayuko will leave Washington D.C. alone. Naomi chose to stay behind in the nation’s capital and warns that their Scion band doesn’t have to play the heroes all the time and that they should walk away from this and that this mission will kill Lucas. Determined to go on, Ayuko steps into the shadows, Ayuko leaves D.C. and arrives in the back of Bazett’s car as it pulls into Lloyd’s of America.

After a swift elevator ride to the top of the Lloyd’s of America building, the players are greeted by Roman Dolder the executive officer of the American branch office. Also there is his obnoxious aid Mr. Cummings.

With pleasantries out of the way the players sit down to tea and snacks as Dolder explained his reasons for wanting to see the players.

Dr. lensman was a powerful Magus and served as one of the organizations chief claims officials. In this capacity, Lensman traveled the world finding and acquiring countless artifacts of considerable magical abilities for Lloyd’s. As cover for his operations, Lensman played the role of documentary film maker, a convincing cover that when backed with Discovery and History Channel money made slipping in and out of remote and hostile areas easy.

Recently, archaeological evidence has been found in South America hinting of Rome’s presence in the region, specifically in the most remote and forgotten parts of the country among the uncontacted tribes of the Amazon.

Lensman, a long time fan and researcher of the Roman Empire was intrigued and sought to investigate the claims for himself. Lloyd’s supported the research in the hopes that maybe the relics would prove valuable in academics, money and magic. His first foray into the region proved unsuccessful but that changed when a routine cataloging of stored records and research papers from Miskatonic University revealed several lost journals from President Roosevelt’s journey down the River of Doubt.

As the executors of the Roosevelt family will. The papers returned to Lloyd’s control. A review of the material rendered two Lloyd’s researchers insane. Apostle hunters from the Clock Tower, including Lensman, were called upon to review the material and what they found started the chain of events the players now find themselves in.

The journals described terrible things along the River of Doubt. Talk of monsters and cannibalism and strange Roman statutes and gods filled the pages. Roosevelt was not a fool or a mad man. The journals were authenticated by magic so they were not forgeries. Roosevelt saw these things and the Clock Tower needed to look into the situation.

Already versed in the Amazon, Lensman was selected for the task. Disguising his journey as a documentary on the Rondo-Roosevelt expedition, Lensman set out to the Rio Roosevelt to investigate the claims. His orders were to prove the authenticity of the claims, recover any relics for research and wipe out any threat that could not be taken for research.

What happened on the river is unknown, but Lensman returned a changed man and his expedition mates lost. He recovered a single relic, the black obsidian statue of the God Tsathoggua a God spoken of from the Age of the Gods. He also returned with another name, Hastur.

Lensman quickly fell into the abyss of madness and the players know the rest of the story.

Lloyd’s needs the players’ help in ending the threat. This Hastur must be stopped but how or why is unknown. The players are asked to take the job, at considerable financial gain. (1 million each)

Ayuko decides that more must be found out about the strange statue returned from the Amazon and depicted in the sketches of Kermit Roosevelt. Using her powers to call forth the spirit of objects, Ayuko summons the statues spirit.

The spirit appeared as a sort of viscous and semi-liquescent substance, quite opaque and of a sooty color. The center swelled as if with the action of some powerful yeast and an uncouth amorphous head with dull and bulging eyes arose gradually on an ever-lengthening neck. Then two arms arose inch by inch groping toward us the players with tentacle-like appendages.

Intrigued by the player’s audacity and resourcefulness, the jeering bag of flesh recounts the story of how it arrived on Earth and South America:

Carcosa, the world of bleak shores and black stars, is home to Hastur the god of madness. Whether Hastur and Carcosa are separate objects or one amalgam is unknown but the two seem interlinked in ways undefined. From Carcosa’s shores Hastur sends forth the Byahkee. His servants of madness to spread his will across the races of the universe. Once found, Hastur’s power begins to grow exponentially as his worshippers spread word of him. Eventually his influence grows enough for him to draw close to the world. Carcosa itself draws near, not in a physical sense but metaphysically, Hastur can form in the world through avatars and other representatives of his worship from across light years to enact his will.

Earth like so many other planets was touched by the Byahkee at the dawn of man and countless servants fell to his madness. The empire of Rome and the tribes of the Amazon were the most notably touched by Hastur.

Many worshipers travel to Carcosa via magic beyond space and time and live in the city of Carcosa fueling the madness and power of the dread God. Countless races have fallen pray and earth is no different.

The statue itself was crafted by a Roman sculpture who worshiped the god. He was executed by Nero Caesar’s soldiers but the relic was saved by other worshipers of Hastur.

During the reign of Nero, the worship of anything but his pagan idols wasn’t tolerated and the cult of Hastur was hunted down. Eventually, the followers were forced to flee. Many fled to South America bringing the yellow king with them. Others left to Carcosa utilizing gateways when Hastur’s power was at its zenith (Kermit and his father found one of these along the river of doubt.)

These gates are also used to bring slaves, sacrifices and more to Carcosa. Countless of these came from the uneducated and superstitious natives of the Amazon.

Time passed, and on Carcosa, a group of slaves from what is present day Rondonia in South America, called the Ure-Uwa-Ure plotted rebellion. During a ceremony to draw Carcosa closer to earth and to open a gate here, the Ure attacked the ceremony. They slayed the presider of ceremonies, the one who wore the pallid mask of Hastur. They successfully prevented Hastur’s power from reaching its zenith but not before the gateway was opened. Forced to flee, the remaining Ure-Uwa-Ure fled through the gate returning to their ancestral home, the Cinta Larga are a part of the greater Ure tribe.

Their enemies followed and brought with the ideals of their worship including the obsidian statue of Tsathoggua, the one sent to find the rebels and kill them.

The story ends there but a few things are now known, the Cinta Larga are the descendants of the Ure who fled from Carcosa and have interbred with the locals. The frog people Kermit described are likely the ancestors of Hastur’s followers and those already present in the country from Roman persecution.

Lensman walked into the middle of a war and was nor prepared. He was driven mad and used as an Avatar to spread Hastur to the outside world. A single mad man almost brought the full manifestation of Hastur to reality.

The threat he poses cannot be underestimated.

The idol is eventually destroyed by Abel returning the players to reality. The office was destroyed in the process and the magus were somehow prevented from experiencing the shared vision of the altered world.

The session ended with the players more committed then ever to stop Hastur.

Thus ends session six

The River of Doubt 5
Story 2 - Session 5

The session opens with Ayuko and Jaime receiving a phone call from the illusive “Wise Guy”. He knows Jaime has a 1st edition “King in Yellow” play and wants it for himself. As such, he’s calling Jaime’s debt and is willing to wipe away all debts and even offer the player’s a favor for the gift. Jaime agrees to the terms and will turn over the book at the end of this campaign.

The scene then shifts to Abel sitting down at Lucas and Jaime’s computer at the Moonlight Sonata to review the info on the CIA USB plug given to Abel by the mysterious “Bookman” at the diner.

On the USB plug are pictures, newspaper clippings and CIA memos discussing the blood diamond trade in South America and its effects on political stability in the region. The info focuses on a political treaty called the Kimberly Process which is a process established in 2003 to prevent “conflict diamonds” from entering the mainstream rough diamond market by United Nations General Assembly Resolution 55/56 following recommendations in the Fowler Report. The process was set up to ensure that diamond purchases were not financing violence by rebel movements and their allies seeking to undermine legitimate governments.

The effectiveness of the process has been brought into question by organizations such as Global Witness, which pulled out of the scheme on 5 December 2011, claiming it has failed in its purpose and does not provide markets with assurance that the diamonds are not conflict diamonds.

The U.S. is one of the only countries that fully abide by the program and the process’ inability to stop the trade of conflict diamonds is becoming another failure in a long line of American foreign policy failures.

At present, the blood diamond trade is on the rise in South America and is being used to fund terrorists and paramilitary units throughout the country which are in turn destabilizing America’s backyard. One man, Alef Azevedo, is believed to be the individual responsible for the sudden upsurge in violence and diamond sales in the Amazon. He is a new up and coming player in the trade and little is known of him other than he has been spotted by intelligence services at the head of several newly consolidated militia units and is posturing them along the Cinta Laga tribes reserve along Rio Roosevelt. This area is known to have the largest known quantity of raw diamond on the continent and is largely untouched by human hands. It’s a large target and it appears Azevedo wants.

Several failed attempts by U.S. and Brazilian Spec Ops forces to remove Azevedo and his seeming inability to be injured, is what forced Bookman to look outside the agency for help. This is why Abel was approached, to kill Azevedo.

After reviewing the information, Abel leaves the computer and heads down stairs where he meets a young woman named Adrian Fleur, a Law student who is at the Moonlight Sonata for an interview. Initial introductions are a little rough but Abel eventually connects Adrian to Jaime via phone. After a brief discussion, Adrian realizes that Jaime and Abel are Scions like her and tells of her own visitation. While not convinced she can be trusted, Jaime hires the woman.

As Adrian leaves, Quinn and Alexus arrive at the Moonlight Sonata, as does Ayuko utilizing her powers, to discuss the case. After revealing everything they had each discovered, the party decided that the danger posed by The King in Yellow is very much a real threat to the world that must be addressed.

As Ayuko leaves the coffee house and returns to Naomi’s side, the two enter the National Archives in Washington D.C. to gather info on Roosevelt’s journey. After a lengthy process to get into the archives, the pair is introduced to Allison Moore, a reporter for the Washington Times who has managed to get herself into the archives and into the same research room.

Moore wants info on Ayuko’s upcoming journey and wants on the team to document the voyage.

After some trepidation, the pair agrees to at least consider Moore’s offer, and Naomi gives her the basic run down on the supernatural to prepare her for Ayuko’s next step.

In a show of incredible power, Ayuko uses her power’s to bring life to a journal belonging to Kermit Roosevelt.

Sadly, the journal had few details to give because Kermit refused to put to paper all that he had seen but he definitely saw something on his journey that deeply affected him.

With nothing useful to be had from the book, Ayuko decided to call forth the soul of Kermit Roosevelt to ask him directly what he saw on the River of Doubt.

Thus ends session five

The River of Doubt 4
Story 2 - Session 4

The scene began with Bazett and Jaime continuing their drive back to New York City. Along the way, Bazett explained to Jaime that Lensman was a Magus for an organization called the Clock Tower and that he was sent to South America as the leader of a hunting party to find and destroy Hastur. Unfortunately, Lensman failed leading to the events the players became involved in.

Bazett also explained that Lloyd’s current involvement in the case is to find key information regarding Lensman’s journey so that the Clock Tower can clean up after themselves by attempting a second expedition into the heart of the Amazon. Bazett also used the time to make peace with Jaime regarding for the rough introductions.

Jaime used the trip back to review some of the evidence that Bazett took from Lensman’s home and the photos Jaime took of the books from Lensman’s desk. The books covered a number of occult and religious topics including several strange cults in Rome, particularly one that worshiped a yellow king during the reign of Nero Ceaser and whose members were persecuted and may have fled to South America.

Several of the books also covered the uncontacted tribes of South America and one of the books Jaime photographed was opened to a page detailing one particular tribe called the Cinta Laga tribe.

Lastly, Jaime reviewed several books from Lensman’s collection detailing Roosevelt’s journey on the river of doubt.

After looking over these books, Jaime began rummaging through the bag of items Bazett took from the home. The key items found include a photo of what appears to be the expedition members of Lensman’s trip, scribbled notes that reference a lost Roman tribe in South America somehow connected to the yellow king and who may have been rediscovered by Roosevelt, drawings of the yellow sign, a sketche of a strange statue of a squat toad monster drawn by Kermit Roosevelt and an original copy of the King in Yellow 1st edition.

It’s a lot of information but nothing that blatantly puts the puzzle together, so Jaime decides that before meeting with he Lloyd’s of London American rep he will meet Abel back at the coffee house.

During all of this, Jaime was sent a message by the church requesting his appearance for an unknown reason. He was also called several times by the scion band.

One call with Naomi led to Jaime requesting that she find a copy of Roosevelt’s map of the river of doubt. Jaime also discovered that Ayuko is now a representative of the CDC and World Health Organization and will be going to South America to hunt for the Hastur virus.

While Jaime was making his way back to NY, Abel met with “The WALL” at their safe house in New York and was issued all of his cover identity documents and top secret security clearance. There Alpha revealed what little information they discovered on Lensman.

Lensman was never married, nor did he ever have a serious relationship of any kind as far as they can tell. He grew up in Cambridge, England, to Alana and Michael Lensman, his mother an anthropologist and his father a historian of antiquities. Both were members of the society for the promotion of Roman Studies. Carl Lensman grew up and travelled the world with his parents. He followed suite and began studying antiquities like his father when he was of age. His parents died mysteriously during an expedition into Africa, the reasons behind the expedition are unknown.

Carl got his PhD is Antiquity at Cambridge university and completed his doctorate at Miskatonic university. He made a name for himself by furthering the academic discourse on Roman expansion into the Western Hemisphere and earned fame by his work in cataloging and recovering Babylonian relics in Iraq during the war.

The History Channel did a documentary on his work in Iraq that gave him some renown and that led to more work with the learning channels.

Lensman is worldly, worked with universities around the world and pulled researchers from each country he visited rather than bringing and developing his own team.

He has done artifacts authentication for universities, research firms, and insurance firms

He was well respected by his fellow academics and those he worked with but had no real friends. He’s distant with everyone unless on the job.

He owns a home in Massachusetts near Miskatonic University.

“The Wall” realizes this is all basic information that doesn’t help the team discover where the legend of Hastur in the Amazon began. With little else to go on, it is here that Abel contacts Jaime for assistance and requests a meeting with him to propose a team up and information exchange.

Quinn decided to seek information out about the case through the internet. After hours of research, Quinn discovered that most of Lensman’s expedition members are dead, the causes unknown, and that one alone may still be alive but in the hands of the church in South America. Quinn also discovered some info on the Cinta Laga tribe. This knowledge comes from news reports covering the diamond trade in the area and the violence that has occurred between the tribe and representatives from the Brazilian government and private interests. These stories also touched on the fact that this is the tribe that Roosevelt met on his journey. The remaining info Quinn uncovered was random snippets of info covering everything from legends of giant otters and evidence of Roman inspired art found in the Amazon.

The session ended with Jaime in route to meet Abel at the Moonlight Sonata. Naomi and Ayuko hunting down a copy of Roosevelt’s map and Quinn wrapping up his research.

Thus ends session four

The River of Doubt 3
Story 2 - Session 3

We pick up in this episode with Lugh concluding a conversation with Able Remington about new opportunity with working with the WALL. As the conversation ends, Lugh tells Jaime that he might have made a mistake and that Law Enforcement might be on to them. Jaime does not take this well.

Jaime then tells Lugh to quickly check upstairs to see if there is anything interesting lying about while he checks the library. As Jaime heads for the library he crosses through the lobby of the house which contains many items of occult origins. Mask, statues, manuscripts, and jewelry with clear Roman/South American influence that might have been smuggled into the US by Dr. Lensmen. He takes a cursory glance at the displays when he senses a strong aura/presence emanating from the artifacts. Jaime recognizes the aura being exactly as the Sigils of Yellow Sign that Dr. Lensmen was crafting in the previous month during the Yellow King debacle.

Jaime quickly leaves the room and heads for the library.

As to Lugh, he proceeded to the second story of the house and quickly checks the room and sees that nothing is out of place and nothing suspicious was present. As he heads downstairs and towards the library he notices a door that leads downstairs which he assumes is the basement. Lugh’s curiosity gets the better of him and he proceeds to the basement to see if anything is present. He turns on the lights to the basement before heading down and notices that the basement is much larger than what the property of the house and the basement is in fact Dr. Lensmen’s Wine cellar. The cellar contains multiple wine racks filled with bottles of good to excellent quality American and European wines bottled as early as 2010 to as late as 1856. Within the cellar contains multiple barrels and casks of wine, aging and ready to be tapped.

As Lugh walked around the cellar admiring Dr. Lensmens taste in wines, he notices that one of the wine racks at the farthest corner of cellar looking to be slightly ajar. He walks over it and notices that this particular wine rack is actually part of a door into a hidden room. As he opens it, he sees a small room with very old and well used furniture and cabinets as well as artifacts that he recognizes that are of magical origins. He recognizes that this looks like a magic user’s workshop. As he comes to this realization he is immediately struck with an incredible force that throws him out of the room and into the far wall of the cellar.

Lugh is able to absorb the impact and immediately dodges out of the way of an attack. Lugh then proceeds to turn off the lights and quietly navigates his way to a barrel of wine near the stairway to the main floor.

While this event was happening, Jaime reaches the library and takes in the sight of the books that have been collected by Carl Lensmen. Old books and scholarly journals line the shelved of this library with topics ranging from Native American studies to archaeological digs occurring in the Middle East over the last century to pre-history South America and ancient Mediterranean. Many of these books are written in foreign languages that Jaime is easily able to read with the use of his demi-god powers. Quickly Jaime discovers that the library has been disturbed recently. He notices that much of the furniture and shelved are covered in a thin layer of dust, but notices that certain books located on the book shelves are actually clean dust. With this he proceeds to take out his tablet and uses the camera function to take photos of cover of the various books that were free of dust and made sure to get the Title, Publication Date and Number and Author Name in every shot. This was doubly so on the scholarly publications. While taking these photos, the books that were disturbed concentrated on time periods surrounding the Late to early Roman Republic/Empire, Pre-History South America, and Recorded History of South America including books that hint of tales of the supernatural.

This process only takes Jaime a few minutes, after which he takes off to find Lugh. As he calls out for Lugh, he hears a very loud noise coming from a door that leads to the cellar. Jaime enters the cellar with a Mag lite out and reaches the bottom before Lugh whispers for him to kill the light and sneak over to his position.

Jaime is able to sneak his way to him and Lugh starts explaining the situation, it was during this both Lugh and Jaime is able to detect the smell of garlic and a few chemicals that are mostly mixed in with natural gas. Realizing this, both Lugh and Jaime are able to use their superior speed and endurance to run out of the house and get far enough before Dr. Lensmen’s house explodes into a giant fireball.

Though both men were far enough away from the explosion to avoid injury but were still thrown to the ground by the pressure wave. Both Lugh and Jaime pick themselves up and brush off some dirt and debris as they look upon the smoking wreck of the house. Knowing that the authorities will be by soon, both men start taking off towards the direction of their car. They made it a few feet before sirens can be heard in the distance when Lugh orders Jaime into the woods and that he will deal with the police. Though conflicted, Jaime promises that he will get bail money ready just in case and heads off into the woods.

Jaime uses his abilities over the Sky purview as well as his own innate powers to speed off into the forest. He is able to make his way through a few hundred yards into the woods before he is blinded sided by a very powerful kick that knocks him back 10 ft. Jaime was able to maintain his balance and stay on his feet. It was then revealed that the source of the surprise attack is a rather unhappy looking woman (Bazett Fraga McRemitz). Jaime tried to escape by flying into the air when he was then tagged by a powerful mystical attack that knocked him out of the air. Jaime was able to absorb this after which he tried to make peace with this woman that he did not want to fight.

The woman asks why Jaime and Lugh were at the house and Lugh explains the situation of Dr. Carl Lensmen, Mr. H, and how the group was involved. After the explanation, the woman pulls out a cell phone and calls up a representative of Lloyd’s of London’s North American branch. The contact made an apology about the recent tiff up and the reason why Bazett did what she had to do, though she over did it a bit. He kindly offers his services to help out the current situation with the police and also provide more info Dr. Lensmens research, after this he orders Bazett to work with Jaime. As the conversation ends, Bazett and Jaime walk out of the woods and into her car. It was while they were driving away that both Bazett and Jaime were formally introduced.

Meanwhile in Washington D.C., Naomi Weaver is currently in a restroom at the Congressional building trying to recover from the headache that is the formal Congressional Investigation to the Biological Attack in New York City. It is here that Ayuko makes her appearance and proceeds to get chewed out by Naomi. After explaining what was going on, Naomi proceeds to drag Ayuko into the Congressional hearing in order to provide testimony. As Ayuko sits down at the main table, she checks her surrounding and proceeds to use her Demi-god powers of manipulation on the three Congressman over- seeing the investigation into believing that anything she says is gospel.

Ayuko is quickly able to come up with the story that this virus is an ancient virus that has been inactive since the beginning of human history that has been reactivated by a man made biological trigger that was created by one of America’s enemies and tested on the homeless population. In the eyes of the congressman, this story effectively discredits the testimony crafted by Naomi Weaver and the representative of the CDC.

After a bit of back and forth and off the mic discussion between Ayuko and Naomi, slightly revised her testimony that basically anyone with the specialty in Biological Engineering can create this biological trigger that activates this virus. A plan was proposed that a small team would be formed and sent to South America discover the possible origin of this virus and the company/individuals who created it.

Ayuko graciously volunteered her services for this team and was able to use her power over the Congressmen to be granted the authority on who will be a part of this team as well as planning and funding.

Thus ends session three

The River of Doubt 2
Story 2 - Session 2

In this short session, Alexus made a visit to the bank Jormungand, which is a German bank in the heart of New York setup to cater to the exceptionally wealth and powerful. Alexus has used this bank and its leadership to fence the spoils of her various exploits.

Upon entering the bank, Alexus was greeted by a teller named Victor Lenko, a long time caterer to the wealthy at the bank. He recognizes Alexus and welcomes her to the establishment.

At the bank, Alexus asks to see her personal lock box in the banks special clients section, a posh area design to meet the most powerful client’s needs, and to see the bank’s manager.

Within her lock box is a bag of gems, enough to put a down payment on enough land in upper NY to create a home for the remaining victims of Hastur.

With her gems in hand, Alexus left the vault with Victor to meet with the bank manager.

Fiora Hemmingway is the bank’s manager and a long time business associate of Alexus. Fiora is the main fence for Alexus’s large and more difficult heists.

At the meeting, Fiora is joined by Victor and Fiora’s lawyer Jonathan York. The meeting is pleasant enough and the bank is receptive to Alexus’s plan to purchase land.

In exchange for the gems, which are valued at $25 million, and the promise of completing a mission for the bank, Jormungand agrees to purchase the land on Alexus’s behalf, valued at $50 million and to create a $100 million medical trust fund to be used in creating and funding the medical campus Alexus will create at the site of the bank.

The land purchase is expected to take two months to complete.

While this was going on, Quinn was surveying the planned land purchase area, specifically the old mining town that remains in the community.

The area, which was believed to be uninhabited, is actually home to Dwarves who live within the mine and representing them is the dwarf Dunkirk the solemn.

The Dwarves don’t like the idea of sick people moving into the area, but after promising to buy the mine and giving the deed to the Dwarves, the Dwarves agree to help build the shelter.

In addition, the players also agreed to give the Dwarves the mining rights to the area and to protect them from outside threats.

Thus ends session two

The River of Doubt 1
Story 2 - Session 1

Three weeks have passed since the conclusion of the “Hastur Incident” and the players are still dealing with the effects left by the Yellow King’s awakening and his subsequent defeat.

The viral outbreak caused by the Byahkee (servants of Hastur) has stirred up fears in Washington. Naomi Weaver is in D.C. attending Congressional hearings by the Senate Sub Committee on Global Emerging Infectious Disease Preparedness and Response, the CDC and the DOD Global Emerging Infectious Surveillance Response System Unit. The authorities are trying to come to grips with the virus’s sudden emergence and what that could mean for the world.

Naomi has done little to assuage the committee’s fears that the virus is manmade and without the aid of Ayuko, who disappeared suddenly after the incidents conclusion that is unlikely to change.

For Lucas and Jaime, the case isn’t over yet. Carl Lensman may be dead but his story isn’t over. Lucas can’t let the case rest; something is nagging at him to see this through to the end, to find the origins of the case and end any future chance for Hastur to return.
Lensman was a victim of Hastur and everything began in the Heart of the South American Amazon along the River of Doubt but little is known about Lensman’s journey. The police found nothing in his room at the Syracuse Hospital and all of Lensman’s research materials have been seized by Lloyd’s of America as the official announcement of Lensman’s death was made by the NY Police.

The planning and preparation for the trip appeared to have been handled exclusively by Lensman meaning that with his death, the ins and outs of his journey have been lost. Lucas hopes that maybe something remains at Lensman’s home that will hint at his trip into the Amazon and give him and Jaime the edge they need to plan a successful trip to the River of Doubt.

Thus in this session Lucas and Jaime rented a car and drove to Essex County Massachusetts where the home of Lensman rests isolated along a long country road miles from his Alma Mata, Miskatonic University. Along the way, both listened to the latest news on the hearings in D.C. and learned that their friend and ally Naomi Weaver was still giving testimony at the hearings before congress and had not convinced them that the virus was not the work of man.

Approaching the house, the two pulled off to the side of the road and did the best they could to make the vehicle appear disabled, giving Jaime and Lucas a chance to walk the rest of the way to the house at the end of the road allowing them a small amount of stealth.

The house, which is being prepared for an estate sale, is a large single level modern colonial. For a man like Lensman, it seems far beyond his means.

After a short time investigating the area for signs of anyone’s presence , the two scions began searching the house for a means of entering. Choosing an out of the way entrance on the far side of the house close to the garage. Jaime successfully broke the lock and the two entered the home.

Meanwhile, Abel entered a small dinner in NY’s east side to grab a cup of coffe. There he met Alpha the leader of “The WALL” and several other team members within the unit.

In an attempt to foster a more direct and professional union between the government and the Scions, “The WALL” offered Abel a job with the NSA backed unit, which he excepted. The large bump in pay was also nice. Now dubbed Romeo, “The WALL” detailed their next mission to Abel and the reason behind his sudden recruitment. The unit intends to go to South America and find the source of the virus and the threat known as “H”.

Alpha and his men left quickly and ordered Abel to meet them at their safe house the next day at 0800.

Alone, Abel dialed up Lucas knowing he had been looking into the situation that abel was now about to embark on.

Lucas answers the phone while entering the home of Lensman. With a slip of the tongue, Lucas says to much and references the virus, Lensman and breaking and entering in a single sentence. With the government determined to find the cause of the virus, Lucas’ words are a red flag and Abel informs them that the call is likely being monitored and flagged by the NSA as they speak.

Lucas and Jaime end the conversation with Abel now fully aware that they are on a time line. They must search the home in less than ten minutes or face law enforcement. Quickly they enter the house proper from the laundry room they broke in through and are met with a magical barrier that brings them for a moment to their knees. Someone of something placed a magical barrier on the house, and by entering they triggered something. Lucas and Jaime are in trouble.

As Jaime and Lucas contend with their current situation, Abel is confronted by another individual while at the Diner. A man in his late 40s, he’s a big and tall man who carries himself well and is dressed like a stereotypical government man. He sits with Abel without waiting for approval and grabs a cup of coffee.

He introduces himself as George Black also known as “Bookman”, he’s a CIA agent under the Office of National Clandestine Services. His card says he is the Chief of Europe Division though he admits that’s a BS cover.

He knows Abel was recruited by “The WALL” he also knows that Abel is something special and has helped stop several major threats in the city citing several past campaigns of the players’. Bookman wishes Abel good luck on his trip to SA and hands him a memory card and tells him that the CIA looks forward to working with him and trusts he will do the right thing.

Thus ends session one


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