Scion: Legacy

Ramblings of a Mad Man 1
Story 1 - Session 1

At long last, New York’s Scion band has reunited. For two years the players have gone their separate ways, but tonight they are drawn back together by the unseen forces of their God blood.

Meeting at the Moonlight Sonata Coffee House, which is owned and operated by one of the team’s Celtic God children, Lúcás Kean, they recount their personal adventures into the realm of demigods.

The elation of seeing each other again is short lived however. Shortly after their reunion the Scions are approached by Detective Caiden of the New York Police Department’s 13th Precinct. He arrived at the coffee house shortly after the Scions, and after brief introductions by Jaime Kincaide, a Scion of Zeus, who actively works with the NYPD, expressed his growing concerns over a number of disappearances within the homeless community. Caiden fears the mutilated body discovered outside a flood gate maybe connected to a string of disappearances.

The autopsy of the body discovered by Caiden’s team was performed by the Naomi Weaver, a Scion of Kebauet, of who was assisted by Yamasaki Ayuko, a Scion of Izanami,. Their report revealed that the body was not destroyed by passing through the drainage system, as was initially believed by law enforcement, but was instead attacked by something which stood at least 10 feet tall. The wounds on the body coincide with injuries commonly found in animal attacks. Additionally, the body seemed to affect Naomi’s ability to sense and divine information through her magic. Why or how is unknown but eerily disturbing. A mold of the victim’s teeth was made to send to the New York State Patrol’s crime lab for identification.

After the autopsy, the Scions met at Precinct 13 were they were introduced to the newly assigned detective Kyle Hyde. Hyde briefed them on facts of the case and the Scions decided on a plan of action.

One key fact revealed was the growing reports of a winged creature stalking the night skies, which was often seen just before the disappearances. Another piece of intel was testimony from the homeless community about a newcomer; a strange hooded man was seen just before the disappearances.

As the number of disappearances grew, the homeless population of the area has gone to ground and is nowhere to be found. Only the newest homeless, mostly from Hurricane Sandy, remain on the streets, and their numbers are minuscule in comparison to the large homeless communities that once populated this part of New York’s streets.

The team decided to release to the public a doctored autopsy report stating the dead body was just a poor unlucky homeless man rather than a victim of some kind of animal attack. It was also determined that more blood tests were needed to discovery why the body had such a negative effect on Naomi’s abilities.

Jaime, having remembered seeing a body in a similar state before, decided he would seek advice and information from Father Carlson, his mentor within the church.

Naomi and Ayuko would perform the additional blood tests while waiting for the forensic tests to be completed in hope the victim’s identity would offer up some leads to investigate.

Alexis Circe Megalos, a Scion of Hermes, chose to seek out the street bum named Jeremiah, a contact of hers on the street, for information on this stranger preying on the homeless.

Abel Remington, a Scion of Ares, chose the more direct approach of seeking a map of the sewage system so he can investigate on his own.

Lastly, Quinn Collins, a Scion of Cernunnos, made plans to investigate the tunnels on his own with the aid of his animal companions.

With their plans in hand, the Scions began another quest together.

Welcome to our story

Much has happened since my friends and I began our journey in the world of Scion. Years ago we created our characters and dived head first into a world were Gods battle for control through their progeny.

I wish we had cataloged our journeys from so long ago.

Many of the memories from our first games have left us but the emotions, the feeling of accomplishment and ruckus fun remain.

The details are gone but breadcrumbs remain of our initial journeys.

The players met at a lonely bus stop a block away from a New York auction house. Their purpose alluded them. The Gods demanded their presence there that night so they obeyed.

What would follow was an adventure that saw them steal away a powerful gem tracing itself to Mesopotamia. A gem housing a demon of considerable power all but forgotten by time until that fateful night when it was placed on auction.

The group, who all but hated each other, scrambled to work together to battle the enigmatic Iranian bidder who won the gem for himself.

Thus began their fight to oppose a supernaturally charged PMC that would stop at nothing, including engaging in open warfare on American streets, to get the gem back.

Emotions ran high as the players who barely understood their own capabilities accidentally killed emergency personnel and saw innocents die in the cross fire thanks to poor planning.

Strange bedfellows in the form of American military soldiers assigned to the Defense Intelligence Agency, a world renowned terrorist and the famed Loyd’s of London Insurance company helped temper the players into a force worth something.

Those early games taught my players and I much.

So much of our early games have been forgotten, but after years on hiatus our characters have returned and their adventures will not be easily forgotten this time.

Buckle up and join us in our new adventures. I think you will enjoy the ride.


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