Roman Dolder

Lloyd's of London New York rep

The Lloyd’s of London New York representative, Dolder is a Stanford educated Mathematician of Catholic upbringing who worked with the Vatican’s Math Research Division as part of a joint Mage Association/Church research team to unlock ancient christian magic. Dolder is in charge of financial transactions and product turnover.

He been secretly tasked by the Mage association to act as the player character’s case manager when they except work from Lloyd’s. He doesn’t hold any racist views towards the players for being godlings, if anything he feels some pity for them since they are the result of more petty trifling from the Gods.

He respects the players for their work and their apparent care for humanity. Their use of magic is also intriguing to him and as such feels they are a good tool in the Associations hunt for ancient relics and stopping extinction level events brought about by the Gods or Titans.

Roman Dolder

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