Richard Cavallaro - The Wise Guy

Man in the high castle

Perfectly manicured, impeccably dressed and always smiling, Richard Cavallaro is the image of success. The wise Guy knows how to make a first impression and how to keep it.

He is also a wordsmith and has a keen mind, which adds to the Wise Guy’s already impressive list of skills in the business of information gathering and dissemination.

With one smile the average person is already had, and if that smile turns upside down that person is very much dead.

Located in New York’s East End, Richard Cavallaro, an information broker, dabbles and deals in any and all information because every tidbit of information is worth something to someone.

Operating from a permanent booth in a mom and pop Italian restaurant, The Wise guy can ALWAYS be found here and always with a piece of the puzzle typing away or on the phone haggling from his office/booth.

When there, players are treated as long time friends and the perfect meal and drink already ordered for them arriving moments after they sit because business without some pleasure is boring.

Any and all information can be bought from him either with cash, items or favors. The question is always what are the players willing to pay?

Richard Cavallaro - The Wise Guy

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