Peter "Grell" Surtcliffe

The life of the party

kuroshitsuji_by_bigdarios-d3dz473_portrait.pngA Changeling of the Winter Court and a world famous fashion house mogul, Grell is a powerful Fae touched human who has returned to the human world from the land of fairies after being taken hostage by the Red Queen.

Grell’s beauty is otherworldly. From his long shocking dark-red hair and his predatory grin to his red-framed glasses, everything about him screams danger yet few can resist his dark charm. Like the snake of legend, Grell is an alluring beast who can drag the most pious and devote into the darkest and most twisted of taboos.


A good man’s past makes people curious! But if he’s a bad man, then it makes me wanna see even more!

The only son of Lewis and Caroline Sutcliffe, Peter grew up in the suburbs surrounding New York City. Growing up, Peter attended school and helped his parents in their small seams shop performing all manner of jobs necessary to the stores operation. By high school Peter had proven himself a capable salesman and seamster with the growing desire to leave behind the small business life style his parents were accustomed to and attempting to design new cloths rather than repair the designs of other. After high school Peter began studying at the New York House of Design a world renowned school of fashion in all its forms. There he focused on clothing design, business management and production. Backed by the lessons learned under his parent’s tutelage Peter easily rose to the top of his class and began making a name for him among the students and faculty. His designs were loved and hated, elegant and at times trashy but all garnered attention. He was a prodigy being courted by the largest design houses in the world, until he disappeared.

Little memory remains of peter’s experiences but his world changed one night in the dead of winter while returning home from a party hosted by a mysterious and beautiful women. She gave no name nor often spoke instead letting her long red hair; curvaceous body and demur smile speak for her. She had been a frequent guest to the hottest parties and most prestigious social gatherings in the entertainment industry. Always a VIP, she was the most desired guest yet none could claim to know her. She was playful and would seamlessly move among the crowd giving all present equal amounts of her time. That changed one night when she wordlessly came upon the group Peter had been speaking with, there she stood listening to Peter her eyes focused intently upon him. Then as always she left, but this time to the stunned faces of the crowd around her. She had taken her time spending just a moment longer with Peter than any of the other groups; the crowd was stunned into silence unsure of what had just happened. That’s when things began to change.

At first Peter hardly noticed the stares, the snuffs and nasty looks sent his way from one time friends and colleagues. The parties continued and the attention the mysterious woman placed upon Peter grew ever so longer. With each meeting the crowd’s hostility grew greater until the party invitations stopped arriving and the knowing praise of teachers ended. Peter’s once bright future quickly tarnished until he was at last completely ostracized by everyone he knew. A broken man, he fell to despair unable to make the connection between the woman’s increased attention and his ruin. With nothing left he felt lost and his thoughts turned to suicide, when a single letter gave him hope. The letter, an invitation, promised him an opportunity unlike any other, a chance to redeem himself and garner the world’s attention. Without question he leaped at the opportunity and made haste to the women in red.

The rest of the evening was lost to events and the ever flowing alcohol that dimmed his senses and gave him hope. They danced and sang in raucous delight as she spoke of a future were his talents would not be wasted and his potential fully explored. And just like that the party ended his mind returning to reality as she kissed him roughly on the lips, drawing a small trickle of blood as she pulled away. He stood in stunned silence as she stepped away slipping into the darkness, his eyes unable to focus on her vanishing form. The room around him changed and as if it had all been a dream, he snapped out of. Finding himself standing in an alley with snow falling gently upon him, a bottle of booze in hand; he knew it had all been an illusion brought on by his drunken stupor. Taking a few hesitant steps on unsure legs he made for home and walked into a nightmare.

His time in the Fae is a disjointed nightmarish puzzle revealing little as pieces are found and lost again. He remembers the cages and animal like treatment at the hands of the woman in red now called the Red Queen, her beatings of him and sexual gratification at his pain and rape. 4731482.jpg For an eternity it continued until he broke excepting all she did to him as a perverse form of love and creative expression. Pleased with her work the queen freed him of the cages and dressed him in the finest of garments. Always by her side he tended to her wants and desires from the mundane to perverse, learning of her likes and dislikes and making them his own. In time he found the spark of life again and the call of creativity tugged for his attention. The queen delighted in this news and at once order a workshop created where any and all his musings could be explored. She had promised to awaken his full potential and at last the promise was to be fulfilled. Peter began to create the clothing he had dreamed of each an expression of his cruelly shaped and twisted soul spurred on by the queen’s urging. He dressed her in his grandest achievements bolstering her already inhuman beauty as each gown seemed to form itself to the wearer’s true being. Day in and day out he stood by her side a muse whispering in her ear the genius and beauty of her cruelty and preventing any social fop she might endure. His features began to change as he delved further and further into her madness, his teeth sharpened into the fangs of a predator and his hair and eyes grew as red as blood perfect in color. Never did these changes besmirch his fairest beauty nor displease his mistress. He was becoming a reflection of all that encompassed the queen, an indicator of his willingness and acceptance to what she had molded and shaped him into, and he loved it.

But he was growing bored and the spark of creativity was dying. In a world were emotions are currency the loss of genius is a tangible cloud that hangs heavy on those affected. The queen grew distraught at the news and fearful that her muse was lost to her, for Peter to lose inspiration was a mark against her and try as she might she could inspire him no more. Anger grew and boiled over but the queen could not bear the thought of striking at Peter, a dramatic shift from when she enslaved him. It was then that she realized that Peter was not her muse and had not been for some time, the roles had been reversed; she was his muse inspiring all he created and presented to the kingdoms of Fae. She was a mere model to him now and her beauty and power did little for him. No longer did this notion anger her or depress her, instead she found she loved Peter and that she needed, and wanted to be the springboard of all his beauty.

Peter too realized that in identifying with the queen he had in part become her, a strange amalgam of his own life and hers together and that he had become the red king her opposite and lover. This thought gave him no pleasure and he fell into depression. Neither interested in creation nor desiring to love the queen; he turned further inward which only seemed to draw the queen closer. He needed the ever-changing experiences of life and always changing passions of humanity to motivate him not the predictable patterns of a mad women.

Fate would hear his pleas and answer his wish, when the queen left the castle in another attempt to seek out something that would spur peter’s attention, a path was placed before Peter. A door to the city he had left ages ago and without a thought stepped through. tumblr_mqi74iuGD11ssgh7vo1_500.gifThere he stood in the same alley he only faintly remembered from the whispers of a forgotten dream, the same cloudy snow filled sky falling atop him. The sites and sound of humanity filled his ears and the call of his blood screamed with inspiration. He had found his muse.

Life in America had not changed much in the 10 years of his absence, even technology seemed only to crawl briefly forward causing little trouble in acclimating himself to the present. A double had been put in place of himself at his capture following a dream that was not its own. The false doll had formed a small and failing clothing design company with little prospects and a drab product line. Eager to begin anew Peter went to the offices, promptly butcher the bastard, and took the company over in a rather spectacular fashion. The rest is history.

Changing his name from the boring peter of his birth to that of Grell, he now controls one of the worlds most renowned fashion houses with its pick of the finest talents available. Using the entire world for inspiration Grell continues to produce some of the most eccentric garb imaginable each more provocative and alluring than the next. Grell currently plays the role of party planner to the cities courts caring little for the games they play preferring to play his own. As time has passed he has found the trappings of society to grow less and less exciting and inspiring forcing him to seek out newer experiences and emotions. Using what he was taught by the queen, Grell has found a sadist streak in him most inspiring and the creation of parties that offer less scrupulous forms of entertainment riveting. As time passes and inspiration further wanes far more hedonistic and debauched outlets will be needed to maintain his muse and humanity always meets his expectations.

Peter "Grell" Surtcliffe

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