Maj. Jack "Alpha" Garvey

Mission first, everything else second

Jack Garvey, commonly called by his code name Alpha, is the leader of the international anti-crime special forces unit, The Wall.

Garvey is the definition of the silent professional. He is a tall, and ruggedly handsome and humble soldier; who is quick to hear, slow to speak and slow to anger.

His one major defining physical characteristic is the large scar trailing down his face across his left eye. This scar is a reminder of Garvey’s most accomplished mission. A mission he refuses to speak about.

Originally a member of the U.S. Army Special Forces, he was later transferred to the British Army’s SAS on an exchange program. Since then, he served in the elite forces in France, Germany, Italy and several other countries.

Until three years ago, Garvey had been active in the Department of Defenses’s Counter Intelligence Field Activitiy Agency, and was in command of its successful hostage rescue operations. Since then, CIFA has been folded into the Defense Intelligence Agency where Garvey now works.

Garvey led the counter terrorism operation in New York City against the Daedala PMC and fought alongside the players in their initial team up that saw them working together in separate, but not mutually exclusive objectives. The team up led to the death of Firouz Naderi, prosecution of the Daedala PMC and the recovery of the Mesopotamian demon jewel prison.

He fought extensively along side Jacob’s character and holds him and his friend in high regard, for saving him when he was incarcerated by Daedala soldiers at the New York harbor.

Maj. Jack "Alpha" Garvey

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