George "Bookman" Black

Exploiter of opportunity

George Black, nicknamed Bookman, is the Chief of the Europe Division of the The Central Intelligence Agency’s National Clandestine Service, or so he says. In actuality, Bookman is in charge of the CIA’s Majestic 12 project which is tasked with discovering and exploiting the supernatural for military application.

He is a fair skinned middle aged man with fair hair that is combed back, George wears glasses and is typically dressed in suits. He has a large scar on his left shoulder blade.

George typically maintains a calm demeanor and rarely gets emotional. He is described as being very persistent in his investigations and strives to know everything about whatever subject he confronts, having “the obsession of a scholar”. He is a hearty eater and works out to stay in shape.

George is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy, George studied Classical Arabic literature as he originally wanted to be a scholar. His career with the U.S. Marines was cut short after he injured his back and has been with the CIA since. During the Bosnian War he was a case officer working on apprehending suspected war criminals. He worked alongside Bersaglieri intelligence, who gave him the nickname Burattinaio.

George eventually rose to the rank of Chief of the Europe Division of the National Clandestine Service but was reassigned to Washington D.C. to help with the agency’s own politically motivated review of NSA operations during the spying scandal of the Obama Administration. During his record review he discovered that the NSA had for sometime been actively researching the paranormal. Initially put-off by the idea of the government looking into a far fetched idea like monsters. George began to take the idea serious when he discovered the reports from the secret DIA unit called “The Wall.” Convinced of the evidence, George conceived of the Majestic 12 Project. The project is designed to help the American Government better understand the supernatural and its potential affect on social and political operations as well as its potential uses for political and military application.

The need to expand his work and gather field intelligence has led him to courting the player characters. Whether he is and ally or enemy is yet to be seen.

Due to the nature of his work George has several nicknames.

Adib: “Scholar” in Arabic, a reference to his fluency in Arabic, used by people from the Middle East.

Bookman: Another reference to his fluency in Arabic.

Burattinaio: “Puppeteer” in Italian, which refers to his skillful manipulation of his assets.

George "Bookman" Black

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