Firouz Naderi - Shard of Alû

Billionaire warmonger and Sumerian Demon




Firouz Naderi is a wealthy and powerful Iranian business man who has been a person of interest of every intelligence service in the world for the past 20 years. Little is known of the man and how he acquired his wealth and influence, and that makes him dangerous.

To the public, Naderi is a gentleman philanthropist who has rallied against Islamism and has devoted vast resources to organizations striving to stamp out Islamists such as Al Qaeda and ISIS. Publicly his wealth is believed to be a result of oil sales, but that is just a front for the darker truth.

In actuality, Naderi is a Titan Shard of one of the most ancient and powerful Mesopotamian demons in recorded history, Alû, and he has walked the earth since the dawn of time, slipping in and out of recorded history since the first kings of Babylon.

In Akkadian and Sumerian mythology, Alû is a vengeful spirit of the Utukku. The Utukku were a type of spirit in Sumerian religion that had escaped the underworld, either by their own power or by being summoned forth by a priest. Alû escaped on his own and sowed disorder throughout the lands until the King of Kings, Gilgamesh, slew him and trapped his soul in a gem preventing Alû’s reincarnation in the underworld.

Unfortunately, one fragment of Alû’s soul escaped capture and that fragment is Naderi, and he has been seeking the gem containing his bound form since then.

As a shard, Naderi is immortal and incredibly powerful but he is but a shell of his former glory. He has been forced to walk the earth as a man slowing acquiring wealth and power. In this regard, time has been an ally and Naderi has acquired vast resources in the centuries since his quest began. These resources have allowed him to appear throughout history as a warlord, tyrant, business man, commander and politician. Anything and everything to aid in his search for his prison.

In 1908, Naderi believed he had tracked down his prison. Spies revealed that Sultan Abdul Hamid II, the monarch of the Ottoman Empire had the Gem of Alû, as it was now called, in his treasury. In an attempt to get close to the monarchs riches, Naderi sided with the Young Turks to overthrow the monarch and institute a constitutional government.

While the power grab by the Turks was initially successful, Naderi failed to impress the ideological youths leading the liberal movement. By 1912 the Young Turks were in power and Naderi was still no closer to the gem.

Because of this, he would go on to support financially the 1913 Ottoman coup d’état as a member of the Committee of Union and Progress Party, which led to the rise of the Three Pashas.

Naderi’s support earned him the respect of the Pashas and the access he needed. Unfortunately, Naderi was unable to find the gem that was imprisoning his soul.

The whereabouts of the gem remained unknown but rumors hinted that the gem may have been stolen during the governmental turmoil and like most problems of the time the Christian minority was blamed.

In his continuing quest for the gem, Naderi participated in what would become known as the Armenian Genocide. Naderi led countless death squads in his hunts for his gem but ultimately he found nothing but death.

Shortly after the Pashas went into exile and the Ottoman Empire collapsed, Naderi disappeared into obscurity yet again. He did not reappear until 1990.

Naderi returned to society in his current guise as a collector of antiquities and wealthy oil baron. He also hired and funded his own private military composed of mercenaries from Eastern Europe and Africa. He did this through patsies to avoid any direct links.

His own private military company called Daedala, was his eyes and ears. They were Naderi’s way of continuing his search throughout the world. Each was enhanced through the use of Jötunn Blood, a powerful narcotic produced from the blood of Titans which transforms mundane humans into super soldiers.

This army is what in recent years led to government suspicion of Naderi’s motives. Most saw him as a potential terrorist in the making but his outward guise proved to iron clad for direct action.

This all changed with the war on terror and Naderi’s army’s growing involvement in hot spots throughout the middle east.

By 2009, Naderi was under investigation by the Defense Intelligence Agency. By 2010 the DIA had discovered actionable intelligence that the PMC Daedala was under Naderi’s direct command and was financing terror and destroying historic sites in a search for something of unknown origin.

Plans were made by the DIA to remove the threat. Permission was granted to The Wall Joint Special Operations Unit to take Naderi down while he attended an auction in New York City.

Naderi had discovered the Gem of Alû. Loyd’s of London Insurance House was selling it at auction through Lloyd’s of America. It had been in the private collection of a Turkish collector and was being sold as part of an estate sale.

Naderi’s attempt to purchase the Gem at auction was foiled by the player characters, who had been summoned together for the player’s first mission, and the Wall.

For the next week, Naderi and his mercenaries tore New York City apart in open war against the Wall personnel and the player band of Scions, but Naderi was ultimately stopped by a joint operation between the players and the Wall at the New York History Museum.

Naderi was killed, his gem secured by the Wall, and the mercenaries in New York were arrested while the remainder worldwide were put down by U.S. military intervention.

Whether Naderi is dead for good, or reincarnating in the underworld is unknown.

Firouz Naderi - Shard of Alû

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