Father Patrick Carlson

Head priest of the Martyrs of Faith church

Father Carlson is the priest in charge of the Martyrs of Faith church in the 5 Boroughs. He leads the souls of those that attend his church into God’s light and is a highly respected member of the community by both the good and bad elements of society. He never turns away those in need of help but he never gives hand-outs only a hand-up. Unknown to those around him, the father is a member of the church’s exorcists.

The father is the close friend, mentor, guidance counselor, trainer and father like figure to the Scion Jamie Kincaid. He has helped train the boy to do battle with the supernatural threats that plague New York and has provided counsel to him to help shield his soul. He is aware of Jamie’s god blood but knows Jamie has denounced his pantheon and reaffirmed his catholic faith. Carlson is convinced Jamie will make a good exorcist or executor and is making a play at recruiting him into the organization.

Against his better wishes, Father Carlson has been forced to initiate Jaime into the dark side of his faith with little preparation. During the investigation into Hastur – The King in Yellow" Jaime forced Father Carlson to reveal information gathered by the church in past confrontations with the dread God. This information was revealed to Jaime through the Tome entitled LEXICANUM TERRIBILIS, a record of the Churches past wars and the organization’s sins. Now Jaime holds this knowledge though much about it remains hidden from him.

Father Patrick Carlson

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