Detective Robert Caiden

Lead Gumshoe

Caiden is the lead detective of the New York Police Department Precinct 13 and has known about the supernatural since joining the NYPD, which considers the supernatural an open secret.

He has been the lead investigator, or a subject matter expert, on a number of strange cases and is considered the go to officer when things start to go bump in the night.

Tall, gaunt and serious, Caiden looks and acts like a man who has seen too much suffering in his life. Behind his eyes is a sadness few fully recognize or understand.

Scion Jamie Kincaid was sent to Caiden by Father Carlson in order to help the detective in tracking down supernatural activity, and to keep Jamie one step ahead of the authorities. Caiden acts in a father figure role for the soon to be college student and has a high opinion of the boy. He believes the boy is making the streets safer and Caiden will go to great lengths to help and protect him.

Caiden has begun to work alongside Kincaid’s friends and views them with some suspicion but gives them the benefit of the doubt due to their ties to Kincaid and his work. Scion Lúcás Kean is the only exception to this view. Caiden considers Lúcás a good influence on Jamie and is thankful to have a man capable of working alongside Jamie and can act as a brother to him.


After two long years, Caiden has been forced to seek the player group out and ask them to help investigate a crime involving disappearing homeless. This case became a hunt for Hastur- “The King in Yellow” a dread God from beyond time and space that was being summon in the heart of Caiden’s precinct. Caiden himself had little involvement in the actual investigation and instead provided administrative, political and moral support to the team.

Detective Robert Caiden

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