Detective Kyle Hyde

The bitter cynic

Kyle Hyde is a 34-year-old bitter and unsociable New York Police Department homicide detective who has been reassigned to the Departments Precinct 13.

A cop with a troubled past, Hyde only recently returned to duty after a six month internal investigation after shooting his partner in the course of a drug bust. His partner, Brian Bradley, was under suspicion for drug trafficking and Hyde confronted him with evidence supporting the claim while the two officers were investigating a warehouse believed connected to the Mexican Cartel. Hyde claims Bradley drew his weapon and was shot and killed in self-defense.

Forensics evidence would later exonerate him, but the six month investigation has sullied his name in the eyes of the brotherhood. Disgraced, Hyde was transferred to the 13th Precinct to be with the rest of the NYPD’s troublemakers and outcasts.

Hyde has only recently become aware of the Precinct’s oddities and has yet to embrace the reality that life on the streets in this part of New York is anything but normal.

Hyde’s first major case with the player group was the hunt for Hastur – “The King in Yellow”, though he was never fully aware of what he and the others were facing during the hunt. Slowly his work with the player Abel and his exposure to unexplainable ‘things’ while hunting down the yellow cloaked man has opened him to the possibility that there are things beyond human knowledge in this world.

Detective Kyle Hyde

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