Agent Serena "Sierra" Miles

The first among equals

“Sierra” Aka Serena Miles, is the second-in-command of The Wall and is the first among equals within the group.

Sierra is a shinning example of why women are more than capable of serving in combat roles on the battlefield. All who know her, respect her, and willfully follow her into battle.

She is as fierce in combat as she is loyal to her friends and allies, and she is calm, collected and professional in all things.

Sierra is stunning, both physically and mentally.

Sierra is one of the first females to successfully graduate from a Department of Defense initiative to develop and train female special forces operators.

Upon completing special forces training, Sierra was recruited into the CIA’s clandestine services where she was eventually placed on long term assignment with The Wall.

She helped lead the operation in New York and also fought alongside the player characters in their initial team up. She helped the players in the development of combat operations in the final assault on the New York History Museum and led the actual assault team.

Agent Serena "Sierra" Miles

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