Scion: Legacy

The River of Doubt 9

Story 2 - Session 9

The session begins with Alexus fully disguised as one of the accountants for the mining camp. Using her skills as a thief and master of disguise she successfully infiltrated the camps main administrative compound and has been searching for records on the camp and it’s operations. Aiding Alexus has been Jamie who at a distance has been providing a measure of technical and computer support to the thief.

After some time searching the hard drives of the compound, Alexus discovered enough incriminating evidence to allow the government of Brazil to act legally or for the Brazilian Signal Corp under Rendon to act directly militarily due to the convoy attack which occurred the day before. This information was sent by Alexus to Jamie for his review and storage via Jamie’s powerful relic computer.

Jamie, acting on his own, took the info and made a call to the illusive “Wise Guy,” a Titan spawn information broker from New York. The players each owe some restitution to the Titan for information provided to the players over several missions helping the players take out the New York pharmaceutical company that was responsible for reverse engineering captured Joten blood and creating Titan infused super soldier merc.

Jamie, wanting remove his portion of the debt, sent the info Alexus captured to the wise guy in an effort to assuage the Titan. It’s not enough however. The “Wise Guy” wants the diamonds that he believes are on site and Jamie agrees to get them for him.

To get the diamonds, Jamie needs Alexus’ help. Offering 25% of the cut to the thief, they make the deal and through further investigation, while avoiding detection by camp personnel, Alexus finds that the camp does possess a hardened bunker for storing their spoils.

With a general idea of where the diamonds are stored, Alexus observes the camp personnel and decides to take the identity of a miner to better move around the camp. Eventually Alexus notices a returning group of miners moving quickly into the convoy under guard. They appear agitated and excited, they found gold in the waters running through the red clay they mine for diamonds and they want to secure what was discovered before the camp guards decide that the miners are hiding some of the newly discovered gold and have the miners killed.

Alexus smoothly falls in with the miners and follows along with them through two security check points before reaching the north eastern sector of the camp. While moving, Alexus confirms that the miners found gold and diamonds and are returning a considerable fortune to the masters. Once they arrive the miners grow increasingly distraught. The guards laugh and joke about what will happen to the miners if they are hiding anything and the guards begin a search of all the miners.

Alexus, who is disguised as a man, avoids being discovered as she is kicked to her knees and searched with a gun to her head. Another miner is not so lucky, the man was hiding a small pellet of gold and in an act of cruelty, the guards coldly execute him on the spot with a single bullet to the back of the head.

This evil triggers Alexus to action and she makes a call to all the players that it’s time to make themselves known and to kill the guards.

While this is happening, Quinn has begun a plan to destroy the camp’s mining equipment at the jungle spirit’s request to pay off his debt for his new minion. He told no one in the scion band of his plans so they are oblivious of Quinn’s impending attack.

Quinn launches his attack, unleashing his three minions on the mine. Workers and guards flee in absolute terror at the monsters charge and the mine is destroyed in moments.

Moments after Alexus orders the attack. Alex lands like a meteor in the heart of the compound and attacks. Ayuko using her cloak walks into the camp terrorizing the miners and guards with the black abyss enshrouding her.

In 5 minutes the compound is clear of everyone but the players, the bunker is breached and the diamonds, gold and petty cash are seized.

Jamie also learns of Quinn’s attack and discovers that his plan to turn the camp over to the wise guy is not going according to plan, with the mining equipment gone, the camp’s use is severally diminished.

More than $70 million in diamonds is recovered for the “Wise Guy” and it’s enough to clear Jamie’s debt. $5 million in gold is taken by Alex and millions more in gold is distributed to the players.

With wealth in hand, the players return to Rendon’s base camp and prepare for the morning journey up the Rio Roosevelt. Quinn journeys to the jungle spirit and fulfills his debt.

In the morning the mission continues up the river. Quinn uses the river ride to talk to corporal Paiva, a member of the Cinta Larga tribe. The corporal doesn’t know a lot about the specific legends of the Larga but explains in a bit more detail the tribes ancient stories about battling the frog God. The corporal agrees to introduce the players to the Cinta Larga tribal leader who would know more about the ancient legends.

The rest of the travel is uneventful as the army reaches the northern shores of the river and begins to forge forward through the jungle to the next available launch point for the team’s watercraft, beyond the growing Rapids that impede the teams progress along the river.

As the team moves forward through the jungle. Alex hears distant rifle fire in the direction the team is moving. Jamie is notified of the gunfire and asked to scout ahead of the expedition to observe and report.

Jamie begins his sprint through the jungle and as he approaches the sounds of battle he can make out an increasingly desperate fight.

Through the trees he can see groups of men firing from defensive positions at hunched and malformed beings of growing red eyes and amphibious features. These beings are attacking and winning.

By the time Jamie arrives at the battle zone the fight is over. The creatures have disappeared but their cries can be heard from the forest. Dozens of broken bodies litter the area, their blood indistinguishable from the red clay of the mine they were protecting.

Jamie reports what he sees and an investigation of the area reveals the footprints of webbed feet. These are without a doubt the frog creature servants to the frog God spoken of by the original Rendon expedition.

While investigating, Jamie is surprised by a group of armed men drawn by the sounds of battle. They get the drop on him and open fire. The leader of the attackers, Vaz, stays the group’s hand preventing the situation from breaking down. They mistook Jamie as one of the attackers that slaughtered the defenders but upon seeing the broken bodies it became obvious he was not responsible.

Vaz is panicked through the introductions and fears the enemies will return soon. He claims the old legends must be true and that the Cinta Larga are in real danger. He begs Jamie to follow him and his men to the Larga village and warns that Jamie and his team cannot progress northward. The area is no longer safe and is patrolled by whatever the strange beasts are. Jamie informs Alex and Rendon of the village, the attack and the fact that the northern path they are taking is unsafe. Jamie leaves with Vaz and instructs the team to meet at the village.

Upon arrival at the village, the tribesman are informed of the incredible Loss of life and the village begins mourning their loss. Vaz introduces Jamie to the village elder and makes it clear that he wants in on whatever the outsider is planning.

The meeting with the elder is very informative. Jamie learns that the northern area has been eclipsed by an inky blackness that is a physical shield. Whatever lies beyond the veil is seeping Out and beginning to infect the surrounding area. The plant life and animal life has changed and are hostile. The Byahkee is known by the Larga and so is its poison
And that there are thousands in the northern forests. Jamie gets confirmation that the Cinta Larga do have old stories from their ancestors that speak of coming from a distant world and battling the yellow king and that the king’s servant, the frog king followed the Cinta Larga to this world.

Jamie is also gifted with the elder sign, a symbol the Larga claim is the only thing capable of stopping the elder ones.

With this info, Jamie contacts Lloyd’s of America and asks for all the information available on the elder sign. He learns that the Clock Tower is aware of the symbol and learned of it from a magus named waver Velvet who participated in a magical tournament called the Holy Grail war years before. Waver fought with a summoned magician in the war who controlled a book called the necronomicon which allowed him to summon beings and servants of the old ones. Waver researched this book and the madness it led to and his research led to tales of the elder sign. Between the church and the clock tower battling these unknowable beings the elder sign was proven effective.

When the rest of the Scions and Rendon arrive it’s decided that the players can no longer keep everything about their journey secret from the Brazilian forces. Ayuko, using her powers of death draw the ghosts of the newly dead Cinta Larga together and brings them to the village. Using their boons and the spirits of the dead, the players force the Brazilians and Cinta Larga to accept the crazy tale of the yellow king. So well did they sell their story that everyone wants to fight to save the world from the yellow king Hastur. Everyone comes together and at the orders of the players, the village begins carving and painting elder signs into everything and Ayuko begins imbuing the soldier’s weapons with legend preparing them for the coming battle.

Plans are made to push south for two days to avoid the monsters prowling north and to bypass the thick impassible jungle to the team’s east. Then push north to their target. This detour will place the team into territory controlled by the red ribbon army but it is the only path available.

The player’s have made their plans and are preparing for the final battle ahead.

Thus ends session 9



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