Scion: Legacy

The River of Doubt 8

Story 2 - Session 8

The session starts off with the recovery of the dead and wounded at the convoy and the extraction of the casualties back to the nearest base. The CDC doctors who survived the ambush and who were healed by Ayuko are coming to terms with what happened and the fact that the supernatural actually exist. At this point Ayuko comes clean with the incident in New York and the source of the trigger event for the virus. The lead doctor asks Ayuko if the CDC team is even needed since the threat is supernatural based and Ayuko replies that while the trigger is supernatural in nature, the virus itself is not supernatural and is in fact something that’s part of the human gene code.

She says to the team lead that she and here team will deal with the supernatural aspect, the CDC team can collect samples and study both in field and at a medical facility the dormant virus and find a way to change the programming. They will be responsible for developing a cure/program that would change the virus to completely shut down or develop another activation trigger, thus negating the supernatural source.

As this is happening Major Rodeno is both directing the extraction while at the same time conversing with his superiors that this mission needs to continue. Once the dead and wounded were extracted, the convoy headed deeper in to the jungle and after a few hours reached the start of the river that will take them deeper into the reservation.

Once the convoy reached the landing, a perimeter was set up by the Brazilian security force and everyone dismounts for the night. It was this time that Jaime and Lucas heads over to the dock, dragging a cooler filled with beer, and starts fishing. One of the members of the security force joins the two scions and make small conversation congratulating them on keeping a cool head in the firefight as well as fishing (I made a funny) for personal information about Jaime and Lucas. Eventually the Brazilian security member is called away by his CO and Jaime decides he’s done with fishing. Both Jaime and Lucas then turn over their combined catch and split up.

Jaime heads over to the store on the dock and asks the elderly proprietors if they happen to have any local holistic medicines. The proprietor does have some in stock. As these are being gathered, Jaime talks to the proprietors wife about the local news and also the local dangers. He also asks about any info about the things in the forest that the local people were warned to stay away from when they were kids. At first the proprietor and his wife are not forthcoming, but he’s able to convince them that he’s familiar with the supernatural and that the Brazilian security contingent are tribal members from this region and that the leader is Maj. Rodeno. They open up and explain that they do not know much but that when the convoy starts heading down the river into the reservation, that they will be greeted by one of the tribal elders who will have more knowledge about the ‘forbidden things’.

Jaime thanks the couple and pays for the local medicines. He then goes over to the WALL contingent and has an off mic conversation with Alpha. Jaime explains that he has some info in a Word doc that he needs to read and asks if he has a secured email. Alpha gives it but warns Alpha that as soon as that info hits his mail box, that it will almost be certain that both the NSA and CIA will have copied the info and be poring over it to find out what’s in it and how to develop a situation to exploit it. Jaime understands this, but he mentions that Alpha has stated in the past that the WALL was formed by the US government to compile info and find methods to combat the supernatural. He’s willing to do his part to help out the people who have helped him and Lucas in the past.

Overall the conversation goes well and Jaime uploads the Word doc and sent it off to Alpha’s secured in box. (Note: The info in the Word doc is heavily sanitized to prevent readers from going insane by coming into contact with the most current recently gathered knowledge of the cult of Hastur, the existence of the Old Ones/Great Old Ones and the Yellow Sign. The Word doc also contains an overall and individual account of what occurred during the Yellow Sign story ark while omitting the names of the scion band except for Able, Jaime, Lucas, and Ayuko.

Jaime also inserted macros and links within various words and paragraphs with a pop up notes that if the reader needs more clarification that he needs to make contact with Jaime, Able, Lucas, and Ayuko. Jaime further wrote that more information about the supernatural will be more forthcoming as more research is done.)

It was during this time that Quinn decides to explore the surrounding environment and try to see if he can interact with the local wildlife to obtain more info about this area. It was during this time he met an Amazonian otter and carried on a conversation. He eventually is able to convince it that he’s friendly and wants to know if he would like to go with him. The otter is till kind of hesitant and explains that Quinn would need to talk to the Otter spirit to gain permission.

Quinn acknowledges this and both he and the otter heads off deeper into the wilderness. It takes less than an hour, but he comes to a small river bank and is introduced to the Otter spirit. The spirit recognizes that Quinn is a son of the Gods and gives Quinn permission to take on the little otter as a companion. The price she demands is that he must find a kill the humans that are destroying the forest.

After Quinn asks for more questions, he’s given a full story that the humans are in fact outsiders that are running and illegal logging camp 20 miles into the forest and are clear cutting the area. Quinn makes this promise and thus gains a new companion. Quinn is quickly able to leave the forest and is able to round up the band and explains the situation. Through a group consensus, they agree to help fulfill his obligation to the Otter spirit. The scene ends with Jaime radioing Alpha explaining that the group will be going dark for a couple hours and he’ll tell Alpha what happened during that time when they get back.



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