Scion: Legacy

The River of Doubt 7

Story 2 - Session 7

The players have at last arrive in South America aboard a C-130J Super Hercules controlled by the 317th Airlift Group, 40th Airlift Squadron “Screaming Eagles” from Dyess Air Force Base, Texas. With little fanfare the players have arrived in the city of Espigão do Oeste.

Along for the ride are 100 CDC personnel under the command of Dr. Faun, a leading virologist and longtime field doctor. Thirteen members of the Wall Spec Ops team are also on board acting as security for the CDC team and undercover as members of the U.S. Army’s 7th Special Forces Group.

Upon arrival, the players were met by their Brazilian medical and military counterparts including Maj. Teodoro Tomas Rendon, 17th Jungle Infantry Brigade, Rondonia Frontier Command/ 6th Jungle Infantry Battalion, 23rd Jungle Signals Company commander, Aspirant Officer Odete Moreira, 23rd JSC signal officer, Second Sgt. Gian Luca Pereira, 23rd JSC command Sgt., Corporal Ventura Paiva, 23rd JSC infantry man and member of the Cinta Larga Tribe and Dr. Beatriz Carrico, Brazilian medical liaison for the operation and an old colleague of Ayuko, both met during a bacterial scare 10 years ago in Brazil.

The current plan is to deploy the CDC personnel at the local university that has the facilities to contain and research a viral threat while a CDC field team led by Ayuko and Brazilian Army medics along with a Brazilian military unit acts as protection.

Before the operation can begin, the players and NPCs are invited by the city’s mayor to a dinner party celebrating the American/Brazilian joint operation. The party is nothing more than a political stunt by the mayor for his upcoming reelection but it does offer the players a chance to relax and get to know their South American collegues and discuss battle strategy.

As morning comes the players mount up in up armored Humvees provided by the Brazilian Army and make their way to the city of Ji-Paraná in an armored convoy under the guard of 80 members of the 23rd JSC.

In order to reach the Roosevelt Reservation, the area indicated by Kermit as being the location of the evil he and his party discovered, the party must travel with all their supplies to the Rio Roosevelt and then board boats to travel downriver until the rapids make travel by water impossible and forces them to finish their journey on foot.

Getting to the river is no simple task the province of Rondonian is in chaos, illegal mining and forestry operations have sprung up everywhere and each is its own militia force fighting off government, leftist revolutionaries and other business interests with violence. Leftist militias wage guerrilla war and the military runs counterinsurgency operations against both. The easiest route to the river is through the city of Ji-Paraná and through the deforested lands surrounding it.

Traveling along the areas one major highway for 50 miles, BR-364, the convoy eventually goes off road along several illegally constructed back country roads taking the players into the heart of an operational lumbering company.

What was a simple drive quickly goes south as the convoy’s presence triggers a violent response by the illegal lumber workers who are fearful that the players are a part of a government crack down on illegal forestry operations.

In a brazen attack, the convoy is ambushed and stalled by machine gun and RPG fire. The players, using their powers, help the Brazilian Army forces successfully repel the attack without drawing attention to their abilities.

Though surrounded and outgunned, the players protect a majority of the convoy, only six people were KIA the rest are walking wounded. two of the KIA are members of Ayuko’s CDC field team, Doctors Allen and Conner, the other members, Doctors Farmer, Kabel and Cameron were wounded but recovered thanks to Ayuko’s powers.

After recovery teams successfully recover the bodies of the dead. the team sets out again for the Rio Roosevelt.

Thus ends session seven



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