Scion: Legacy

The River of Doubt 5

Story 2 - Session 5

The session opens with Ayuko and Jaime receiving a phone call from the illusive “Wise Guy”. He knows Jaime has a 1st edition “King in Yellow” play and wants it for himself. As such, he’s calling Jaime’s debt and is willing to wipe away all debts and even offer the player’s a favor for the gift. Jaime agrees to the terms and will turn over the book at the end of this campaign.

The scene then shifts to Abel sitting down at Lucas and Jaime’s computer at the Moonlight Sonata to review the info on the CIA USB plug given to Abel by the mysterious “Bookman” at the diner.

On the USB plug are pictures, newspaper clippings and CIA memos discussing the blood diamond trade in South America and its effects on political stability in the region. The info focuses on a political treaty called the Kimberly Process which is a process established in 2003 to prevent “conflict diamonds” from entering the mainstream rough diamond market by United Nations General Assembly Resolution 55/56 following recommendations in the Fowler Report. The process was set up to ensure that diamond purchases were not financing violence by rebel movements and their allies seeking to undermine legitimate governments.

The effectiveness of the process has been brought into question by organizations such as Global Witness, which pulled out of the scheme on 5 December 2011, claiming it has failed in its purpose and does not provide markets with assurance that the diamonds are not conflict diamonds.

The U.S. is one of the only countries that fully abide by the program and the process’ inability to stop the trade of conflict diamonds is becoming another failure in a long line of American foreign policy failures.

At present, the blood diamond trade is on the rise in South America and is being used to fund terrorists and paramilitary units throughout the country which are in turn destabilizing America’s backyard. One man, Alef Azevedo, is believed to be the individual responsible for the sudden upsurge in violence and diamond sales in the Amazon. He is a new up and coming player in the trade and little is known of him other than he has been spotted by intelligence services at the head of several newly consolidated militia units and is posturing them along the Cinta Laga tribes reserve along Rio Roosevelt. This area is known to have the largest known quantity of raw diamond on the continent and is largely untouched by human hands. It’s a large target and it appears Azevedo wants.

Several failed attempts by U.S. and Brazilian Spec Ops forces to remove Azevedo and his seeming inability to be injured, is what forced Bookman to look outside the agency for help. This is why Abel was approached, to kill Azevedo.

After reviewing the information, Abel leaves the computer and heads down stairs where he meets a young woman named Adrian Fleur, a Law student who is at the Moonlight Sonata for an interview. Initial introductions are a little rough but Abel eventually connects Adrian to Jaime via phone. After a brief discussion, Adrian realizes that Jaime and Abel are Scions like her and tells of her own visitation. While not convinced she can be trusted, Jaime hires the woman.

As Adrian leaves, Quinn and Alexus arrive at the Moonlight Sonata, as does Ayuko utilizing her powers, to discuss the case. After revealing everything they had each discovered, the party decided that the danger posed by The King in Yellow is very much a real threat to the world that must be addressed.

As Ayuko leaves the coffee house and returns to Naomi’s side, the two enter the National Archives in Washington D.C. to gather info on Roosevelt’s journey. After a lengthy process to get into the archives, the pair is introduced to Allison Moore, a reporter for the Washington Times who has managed to get herself into the archives and into the same research room.

Moore wants info on Ayuko’s upcoming journey and wants on the team to document the voyage.

After some trepidation, the pair agrees to at least consider Moore’s offer, and Naomi gives her the basic run down on the supernatural to prepare her for Ayuko’s next step.

In a show of incredible power, Ayuko uses her power’s to bring life to a journal belonging to Kermit Roosevelt.

Sadly, the journal had few details to give because Kermit refused to put to paper all that he had seen but he definitely saw something on his journey that deeply affected him.

With nothing useful to be had from the book, Ayuko decided to call forth the soul of Kermit Roosevelt to ask him directly what he saw on the River of Doubt.

Thus ends session five



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