Scion: Legacy

The River of Doubt 4

Story 2 - Session 4

The scene began with Bazett and Jaime continuing their drive back to New York City. Along the way, Bazett explained to Jaime that Lensman was a Magus for an organization called the Clock Tower and that he was sent to South America as the leader of a hunting party to find and destroy Hastur. Unfortunately, Lensman failed leading to the events the players became involved in.

Bazett also explained that Lloyd’s current involvement in the case is to find key information regarding Lensman’s journey so that the Clock Tower can clean up after themselves by attempting a second expedition into the heart of the Amazon. Bazett also used the time to make peace with Jaime regarding for the rough introductions.

Jaime used the trip back to review some of the evidence that Bazett took from Lensman’s home and the photos Jaime took of the books from Lensman’s desk. The books covered a number of occult and religious topics including several strange cults in Rome, particularly one that worshiped a yellow king during the reign of Nero Ceaser and whose members were persecuted and may have fled to South America.

Several of the books also covered the uncontacted tribes of South America and one of the books Jaime photographed was opened to a page detailing one particular tribe called the Cinta Laga tribe.

Lastly, Jaime reviewed several books from Lensman’s collection detailing Roosevelt’s journey on the river of doubt.

After looking over these books, Jaime began rummaging through the bag of items Bazett took from the home. The key items found include a photo of what appears to be the expedition members of Lensman’s trip, scribbled notes that reference a lost Roman tribe in South America somehow connected to the yellow king and who may have been rediscovered by Roosevelt, drawings of the yellow sign, a sketche of a strange statue of a squat toad monster drawn by Kermit Roosevelt and an original copy of the King in Yellow 1st edition.

It’s a lot of information but nothing that blatantly puts the puzzle together, so Jaime decides that before meeting with he Lloyd’s of London American rep he will meet Abel back at the coffee house.

During all of this, Jaime was sent a message by the church requesting his appearance for an unknown reason. He was also called several times by the scion band.

One call with Naomi led to Jaime requesting that she find a copy of Roosevelt’s map of the river of doubt. Jaime also discovered that Ayuko is now a representative of the CDC and World Health Organization and will be going to South America to hunt for the Hastur virus.

While Jaime was making his way back to NY, Abel met with “The WALL” at their safe house in New York and was issued all of his cover identity documents and top secret security clearance. There Alpha revealed what little information they discovered on Lensman.

Lensman was never married, nor did he ever have a serious relationship of any kind as far as they can tell. He grew up in Cambridge, England, to Alana and Michael Lensman, his mother an anthropologist and his father a historian of antiquities. Both were members of the society for the promotion of Roman Studies. Carl Lensman grew up and travelled the world with his parents. He followed suite and began studying antiquities like his father when he was of age. His parents died mysteriously during an expedition into Africa, the reasons behind the expedition are unknown.

Carl got his PhD is Antiquity at Cambridge university and completed his doctorate at Miskatonic university. He made a name for himself by furthering the academic discourse on Roman expansion into the Western Hemisphere and earned fame by his work in cataloging and recovering Babylonian relics in Iraq during the war.

The History Channel did a documentary on his work in Iraq that gave him some renown and that led to more work with the learning channels.

Lensman is worldly, worked with universities around the world and pulled researchers from each country he visited rather than bringing and developing his own team.

He has done artifacts authentication for universities, research firms, and insurance firms

He was well respected by his fellow academics and those he worked with but had no real friends. He’s distant with everyone unless on the job.

He owns a home in Massachusetts near Miskatonic University.

“The Wall” realizes this is all basic information that doesn’t help the team discover where the legend of Hastur in the Amazon began. With little else to go on, it is here that Abel contacts Jaime for assistance and requests a meeting with him to propose a team up and information exchange.

Quinn decided to seek information out about the case through the internet. After hours of research, Quinn discovered that most of Lensman’s expedition members are dead, the causes unknown, and that one alone may still be alive but in the hands of the church in South America. Quinn also discovered some info on the Cinta Laga tribe. This knowledge comes from news reports covering the diamond trade in the area and the violence that has occurred between the tribe and representatives from the Brazilian government and private interests. These stories also touched on the fact that this is the tribe that Roosevelt met on his journey. The remaining info Quinn uncovered was random snippets of info covering everything from legends of giant otters and evidence of Roman inspired art found in the Amazon.

The session ended with Jaime in route to meet Abel at the Moonlight Sonata. Naomi and Ayuko hunting down a copy of Roosevelt’s map and Quinn wrapping up his research.

Thus ends session four



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