Scion: Legacy

The River of Doubt 3

Story 2 - Session 3

We pick up in this episode with Lugh concluding a conversation with Able Remington about new opportunity with working with the WALL. As the conversation ends, Lugh tells Jaime that he might have made a mistake and that Law Enforcement might be on to them. Jaime does not take this well.

Jaime then tells Lugh to quickly check upstairs to see if there is anything interesting lying about while he checks the library. As Jaime heads for the library he crosses through the lobby of the house which contains many items of occult origins. Mask, statues, manuscripts, and jewelry with clear Roman/South American influence that might have been smuggled into the US by Dr. Lensmen. He takes a cursory glance at the displays when he senses a strong aura/presence emanating from the artifacts. Jaime recognizes the aura being exactly as the Sigils of Yellow Sign that Dr. Lensmen was crafting in the previous month during the Yellow King debacle.

Jaime quickly leaves the room and heads for the library.

As to Lugh, he proceeded to the second story of the house and quickly checks the room and sees that nothing is out of place and nothing suspicious was present. As he heads downstairs and towards the library he notices a door that leads downstairs which he assumes is the basement. Lugh’s curiosity gets the better of him and he proceeds to the basement to see if anything is present. He turns on the lights to the basement before heading down and notices that the basement is much larger than what the property of the house and the basement is in fact Dr. Lensmen’s Wine cellar. The cellar contains multiple wine racks filled with bottles of good to excellent quality American and European wines bottled as early as 2010 to as late as 1856. Within the cellar contains multiple barrels and casks of wine, aging and ready to be tapped.

As Lugh walked around the cellar admiring Dr. Lensmens taste in wines, he notices that one of the wine racks at the farthest corner of cellar looking to be slightly ajar. He walks over it and notices that this particular wine rack is actually part of a door into a hidden room. As he opens it, he sees a small room with very old and well used furniture and cabinets as well as artifacts that he recognizes that are of magical origins. He recognizes that this looks like a magic user’s workshop. As he comes to this realization he is immediately struck with an incredible force that throws him out of the room and into the far wall of the cellar.

Lugh is able to absorb the impact and immediately dodges out of the way of an attack. Lugh then proceeds to turn off the lights and quietly navigates his way to a barrel of wine near the stairway to the main floor.

While this event was happening, Jaime reaches the library and takes in the sight of the books that have been collected by Carl Lensmen. Old books and scholarly journals line the shelved of this library with topics ranging from Native American studies to archaeological digs occurring in the Middle East over the last century to pre-history South America and ancient Mediterranean. Many of these books are written in foreign languages that Jaime is easily able to read with the use of his demi-god powers. Quickly Jaime discovers that the library has been disturbed recently. He notices that much of the furniture and shelved are covered in a thin layer of dust, but notices that certain books located on the book shelves are actually clean dust. With this he proceeds to take out his tablet and uses the camera function to take photos of cover of the various books that were free of dust and made sure to get the Title, Publication Date and Number and Author Name in every shot. This was doubly so on the scholarly publications. While taking these photos, the books that were disturbed concentrated on time periods surrounding the Late to early Roman Republic/Empire, Pre-History South America, and Recorded History of South America including books that hint of tales of the supernatural.

This process only takes Jaime a few minutes, after which he takes off to find Lugh. As he calls out for Lugh, he hears a very loud noise coming from a door that leads to the cellar. Jaime enters the cellar with a Mag lite out and reaches the bottom before Lugh whispers for him to kill the light and sneak over to his position.

Jaime is able to sneak his way to him and Lugh starts explaining the situation, it was during this both Lugh and Jaime is able to detect the smell of garlic and a few chemicals that are mostly mixed in with natural gas. Realizing this, both Lugh and Jaime are able to use their superior speed and endurance to run out of the house and get far enough before Dr. Lensmen’s house explodes into a giant fireball.

Though both men were far enough away from the explosion to avoid injury but were still thrown to the ground by the pressure wave. Both Lugh and Jaime pick themselves up and brush off some dirt and debris as they look upon the smoking wreck of the house. Knowing that the authorities will be by soon, both men start taking off towards the direction of their car. They made it a few feet before sirens can be heard in the distance when Lugh orders Jaime into the woods and that he will deal with the police. Though conflicted, Jaime promises that he will get bail money ready just in case and heads off into the woods.

Jaime uses his abilities over the Sky purview as well as his own innate powers to speed off into the forest. He is able to make his way through a few hundred yards into the woods before he is blinded sided by a very powerful kick that knocks him back 10 ft. Jaime was able to maintain his balance and stay on his feet. It was then revealed that the source of the surprise attack is a rather unhappy looking woman (Bazett Fraga McRemitz). Jaime tried to escape by flying into the air when he was then tagged by a powerful mystical attack that knocked him out of the air. Jaime was able to absorb this after which he tried to make peace with this woman that he did not want to fight.

The woman asks why Jaime and Lugh were at the house and Lugh explains the situation of Dr. Carl Lensmen, Mr. H, and how the group was involved. After the explanation, the woman pulls out a cell phone and calls up a representative of Lloyd’s of London’s North American branch. The contact made an apology about the recent tiff up and the reason why Bazett did what she had to do, though she over did it a bit. He kindly offers his services to help out the current situation with the police and also provide more info Dr. Lensmens research, after this he orders Bazett to work with Jaime. As the conversation ends, Bazett and Jaime walk out of the woods and into her car. It was while they were driving away that both Bazett and Jaime were formally introduced.

Meanwhile in Washington D.C., Naomi Weaver is currently in a restroom at the Congressional building trying to recover from the headache that is the formal Congressional Investigation to the Biological Attack in New York City. It is here that Ayuko makes her appearance and proceeds to get chewed out by Naomi. After explaining what was going on, Naomi proceeds to drag Ayuko into the Congressional hearing in order to provide testimony. As Ayuko sits down at the main table, she checks her surrounding and proceeds to use her Demi-god powers of manipulation on the three Congressman over- seeing the investigation into believing that anything she says is gospel.

Ayuko is quickly able to come up with the story that this virus is an ancient virus that has been inactive since the beginning of human history that has been reactivated by a man made biological trigger that was created by one of America’s enemies and tested on the homeless population. In the eyes of the congressman, this story effectively discredits the testimony crafted by Naomi Weaver and the representative of the CDC.

After a bit of back and forth and off the mic discussion between Ayuko and Naomi, slightly revised her testimony that basically anyone with the specialty in Biological Engineering can create this biological trigger that activates this virus. A plan was proposed that a small team would be formed and sent to South America discover the possible origin of this virus and the company/individuals who created it.

Ayuko graciously volunteered her services for this team and was able to use her power over the Congressmen to be granted the authority on who will be a part of this team as well as planning and funding.

Thus ends session three



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