Scion: Legacy

The River of Doubt 2

Story 2 - Session 2

In this short session, Alexus made a visit to the bank Jormungand, which is a German bank in the heart of New York setup to cater to the exceptionally wealth and powerful. Alexus has used this bank and its leadership to fence the spoils of her various exploits.

Upon entering the bank, Alexus was greeted by a teller named Victor Lenko, a long time caterer to the wealthy at the bank. He recognizes Alexus and welcomes her to the establishment.

At the bank, Alexus asks to see her personal lock box in the banks special clients section, a posh area design to meet the most powerful client’s needs, and to see the bank’s manager.

Within her lock box is a bag of gems, enough to put a down payment on enough land in upper NY to create a home for the remaining victims of Hastur.

With her gems in hand, Alexus left the vault with Victor to meet with the bank manager.

Fiora Hemmingway is the bank’s manager and a long time business associate of Alexus. Fiora is the main fence for Alexus’s large and more difficult heists.

At the meeting, Fiora is joined by Victor and Fiora’s lawyer Jonathan York. The meeting is pleasant enough and the bank is receptive to Alexus’s plan to purchase land.

In exchange for the gems, which are valued at $25 million, and the promise of completing a mission for the bank, Jormungand agrees to purchase the land on Alexus’s behalf, valued at $50 million and to create a $100 million medical trust fund to be used in creating and funding the medical campus Alexus will create at the site of the bank.

The land purchase is expected to take two months to complete.

While this was going on, Quinn was surveying the planned land purchase area, specifically the old mining town that remains in the community.

The area, which was believed to be uninhabited, is actually home to Dwarves who live within the mine and representing them is the dwarf Dunkirk the solemn.

The Dwarves don’t like the idea of sick people moving into the area, but after promising to buy the mine and giving the deed to the Dwarves, the Dwarves agree to help build the shelter.

In addition, the players also agreed to give the Dwarves the mining rights to the area and to protect them from outside threats.

Thus ends session two



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