Scion: Legacy

The River of Doubt 10

Story 2 - Session 10

This Session begins with the team beginning their journey southward to bypass the dense jungle eastward.

The journey will take anywhere from 3 to 5 days and take them directly into the jungle controlled by the red Ribbon Army.

The first day goes smoothly until evening arrives and the team’s base camp is setup. Several entry control points are made by Rendon’s men to secure the perimeter.

By day break it becomes clear that one of the security teams composed of three men has disappeared. The radio silence in affect to prevent militia forces from finding the camp made it easy for the standalone team to disappear without immediately alerting the camp.

Rendon alerts Jamie and Alexus of the incident and asks for their help investigating the area for any traces of the team. Nothing is found, the team seemingly disappeared into thin air. Even with all of their preternatural abilities, neither Jamie or Alexus can track the attackers or team. With all normal means proving ineffective, Alexus uses magic to track the lost soldiers.

The spell is effective and creates a magical thread for her to follow.

After some debate between the players and Rendon, its decided that the team’s fasted members; Lucas, Jamie and Alexus, should follow the thread and figure out what is at its end before whatever it is comes back.

Before departing, the search party prepares for whatever is at the thread’s end by preparing their boons. Lucas prepares his magic for the trip and casts a spell to trade fates with everyone in the Scion band, meaning their bad luck is given to him and Lucas’ good goes to them.

Flying above the tree tops the three reach their destination in a couple of hours.

What they find is ten of the monstrous frog creatures and ten human natives of the tribe that serves Hastur, and they know the players are there. As the attack begins, half the monsters flee into the jungle for unknown reasons.

The ensuing battle, is long and fierce. The fight is squarely on the side of the monsters until Jamie realizes that the Elder Sign is not a static defense. To work, the Elder Sign must be brandished. Using this newfound understanding of the symbol, both Jamie and Alexus defeat two of the monsters each leaving the largest of the beasts for Lucas.

Lucas unwilling to use the Elder Sign fights the monster at its full strength and after suffering injury, finally slays the monster.

Victorious, the three begin to regroup but soon find themselves surrounded on all sides by a rag tag group of 75 soldiers, the Red Ribbon Army.

Attracted by the sounds of battle, the Army made for the player’s battleground. The group is broken and hungry, the scars of battle are easily seen on their faces as they eye the players down their rifle sights.

They ran towards Alexus’ gunfire hoping to find an army but instead found three individuals alone in the jungle amidst the dead monsters.

The realization that the players likely defeated the monsters lying at their feet has made the Red Ribbon soldiers more frightened than ever before.

Before the standoff could became a firefight, the leader of the rebels, a man named Matheus, orders weapons down.

Jamie speaks to Matheus and learns that the Army is in the region to hunt the tribesman that seemingly worship Hastur. These tribesman use diamonds in all their clothing, meaning they have a large stockpile at their village and the Red Ribbon wants them.

they also realize the players could be their only hope of getting out of the village alive and want their help.

They won’t get.

The three Scions want the soldiers dead for all of the terrible things they have done but Lucas’ Geas makes it impossible for the warrior hero to attack the army without provocation.

Alexus provides the necessary push when she disappears into the woods and begins to fire a rifle into the jungle putting all the soldiers on heightened alert, she then moves into the jungle behind Lucas and fires at the Red Ribbon commander, shooting his leg off.

Having seen their leader killed, shot from the direction of the players, they open fire.

The ensuing onslaught is quick and the players are victorious. The Red Ribbon soldiers of the Roosevelt reservation are dead.

The players return to the expedition’s camp sight and inform Rendon of what happened. The team then sets out again on their journey.

Thus ends sessions 10



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